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Finding a Unique Brand: New Book Starts the Journey

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Finding a Unique Brand: New Book Starts the Journey

November 21
18:39 2023

The following is an excerpt from the new book, UNBRANDED: Emerge a Brand New You by Henrietta Pepper.

The topic of personal branding is intricate, making it challenging to cover all the layers that constitute your unique brand and express yourself in a concise, relatable manner. You may be eager to be better understood and respected for your inner truths and personal “WHY.” Perhaps you feel undervalued or believe people perceive you as one-dimensional, underestimating the value you bring to the world. You might sense a lack of genuineness in your brand delivery.

The approach advocated throughout this book is based on the premise of essentially becoming unbranded or accepting an unbranded status to reinvent or refresh yourself, ultimately emerging as a brand new you. Consider how one or more of these scenarios align with your current reality:

• The brand you are expressing has lost its relevance or luster.

• You find yourself being robotic and myopic when it comes to conveying your uniqueness and specialness.

• You feel as though you have never firmly established your personal brand assets that represent the genuine you.

• You have built some brand assets but lack that compelling story you want to tell.

• You need to start at ground zero and haven’t really thought about the concept of personal branding and the value it can bring to your life.

Regardless of which scenario(s) you identify with, it means peeling back the onion and getting down to your true inner self. You’ll go through the liberating process of shedding those layers of brand labels others have put on you.

Life moves fast, and you have to work quickly to excel. It’s easy to climb the life ladder based on where you seemingly fit or what seems easy at the time rather than intentionally targeting opportunities where your brand can excel. Perhaps your brand needs to be strengthened within the family unit or elevated in the workplace and the business community at large.

A common factor in the broad scheme of personal brand building is the lack of consistency and confidence in expressing your brand with a singular voice. Worse yet, you may find yourself falling into the trap of being stereotyped by others based on the way THEY want to define you. This was the motivational catalyst for writing this book: providing guidance to transform your brand from what others perceive you to be to your true self and the brand that embodies that character. The content provides principles, guidelines, processes, and real-life examples focused on building and enhancing your personal brand and sharing it.

An ownable story will differentiate you and allow you to be influential to a broader audience. The content is approachable and easy to digest. It’s not a lot of “marketing speak.” Its power lies in the usage of realist storytelling to convey the information. You get a glimpse into real people’s struggles (and opportunities) as they live and learn their brand experiences that you can relate to. You will be able to take away knowledge and tools to embark upon your brand-building journey with confidence and conviction. You will be inspired to impact the world in a brand-new way.

How to Use the Book

This book deviates from the conventional how-to format; it is not prescriptive. UNBRANDED offers an immersive experience. It’s designed to guide you through a journey of discovery, exploration, internal reflection, and, ultimately, the solidification of your unique brand story construct. The outcomes will be entirely yours, unique and ownable, rather than derived from generic “how-to” instructions and templates.

The approach commences with a focus on self-discovery and self-reflection, aiming to help you identify and become comfortable with your true inner self.

On a parallel path, we will be constructing the foundational elements of your personal brand using proven methodologies and strategies while allowing you to infuse your creativity along the way. Although the reading experience is fluid, guideposts are provided to keep you on track as you navigate the book’s content. Each of the five sections covers a specific phase of the process.

Section I: Set Up.

Set yourself up for a successful journey. Mentally prepare and let positive energy flow.

Section II: Step In.

Immerse yourself in discovery about your emotional drivers, personal assets, and differentiators.

Section III: Show Up.

Learn how to build out the construct of your personal brand story and project it with confidence.

Section IV: Share Often.

Heighten your abilities to share your brand freely and openly. Understand the power of posturing yourself for successful and consistent story delivery.

Section V: Sustain It.

Owning and nurturing your brand is going to enhance its stickiness and sustainability.

Each of the five sections offers:

1) Introduction to the Ten Branding Elements, with definition, purpose, and ways to leverage them.

2) Thought-provoking, outcome-based exercises to work through personalizing each branding element.

3) Reflective questions with space to capture your inspirations and takeaways.

4) Relatable stories of support and validation based on brand-building experiences of others. These stories are highlighted in boxed text in each section.

5) Quotes and Testimonials from people who have found value in enhancing their personal brand stories.

Pick up the new book: UNBRANDED: Emerge a Brand New You

About the Author

Henrietta Pepper has built a successful career in marketing and advertising spanning more than three decades, including owning and operating a successful brand communications firm for 14 years. After selling that firm in 2018, she founded GCJ Consultants, LLC, and serves as Chief Strategist. Clients include organizations in the B2B, B2C, and Non-profit sectors.

In 2020, Henrietta realized her long-time goal of publishing a book inspired by her own life experiences. Out of the Gate: What Inspires Us Drives Us Forward is a compilation of real stories rooted in a blend of faith, family, and friends with the backdrop of Kentucky. Her second book, coming December 2023, is called Unbranded: Emerge a Brand New You, which takes readers on an immersive journey of self-discovery and exploration to recalibrate their personal brand.

An advocate of further education, Henrietta’s own educational background includes dual Bachelor’s degrees from the University of Kentucky and a master’s degree from the University of Kentucky/University of Louisville Executive MBA program. A lifelong learner, she has earned accreditation from several leadership training and management programs, including Harvard University. She currently teaches graduate and undergraduate courses at the University of Louisville College of Business.

Born in Nashville, Tennessee, and raised in western Kentucky, Henrietta and her husband of over 30 years reside in Louisville, Kentucky. She is the proud mother of three children, step-parent to four children, and grandmother to an expanding group of grandchildren.

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