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India Visa Online Application And Requirements

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India Visa Online Application And Requirements

November 17
18:28 2023


Visa refusal is the rejection of your visa application, which prevents you from entering a specified country. for there is no specific material available or for communicating critical information. What factors cause an embassy to reject or deny an Indian e-Visa? When applying for a visa in India, many people must answer this question. If you are unable to demonstrate your eligibility to enter a specific country, your visa may be denied. When a visa application or other legal document relating to a visa is denied, it is usually due to an error or inappropriate behavior.

Reasons for Indian Visa rejection

  • Fake Or False Documentation
  • Deteriorated Passport
  • Not providing full name
  • Mismatch of The Information
  • Unreasonable Letter Of Reference
  • Incorrect e-Visa Type
  • Insufficient Funds
  • Insufficient reason explaining the intention of the trip.
  • Hiding criminal background


  • The required Indian visa photo size is 2×2 inches;
  • The picture must be in color;
  • The photo must have a plain light background;
  • Only clear pictures without blurring are allowed;
  • Your head height should be from 1 inch to 1.375 inches. Generally, it should be about 1.3 inches;
  • The upper part of the torso should be visible;
  • When photographing, look directly into the camera. It is not allowed to lower your eyes.


You must first obtain an India e-Visa in order to enter India. It is necessary to have a valid passport, an email account, and a debit or credit card. Check that your passport is still valid. Currently, citizens of 169 countries can obtain an India e-Visa. Many tourists to India can easily obtain the necessary visa. The India e-Visa is issued online by the Indian government. There are three sorts of e-Visas available in India: e-Tourist Visa, e-Business Visa, and e-Medical Visa. The India e-Visa was created to simplify the visa application process and attract more international travelers. Tourism is essential to India’s economy, and the advent of the e-Visa makes it easier for foreign visitors to enter the country.


  • Must have at least six (6) months validity left by the time of arrival in India.
  • Must contain at least two (2) empty pages for fixation of approved visa stamps.
  • If need be, travelers may be required to produce their former passport used during the visa application process.


The India Online Tourist eVisa is valid for vacation, recreation, and tourism purposes, as well as boarding a ship, visiting friends or family, or participating in a short yoga session. The Indian government launched the India Tourist e-Visa in November 2014, an online visa that streamlines the visa application procedure by eliminating the requirement to visit an embassy or consulate. Citizens of over 169 countries can now apply for an e-Visa to India. The multiple-entry India Tourist eVisa is valid for 365 days from the date of issuing. Eligible citizens may visit India for tourism for up to 90 days in a row (180 days for Canadian, Japanese, United Kingdom, and United States nationals). A double-entry Tourist eVisa for India is also available, allowing a 30-day stay with 2 entries to India for those planning a shorter stay. It is recommended to use this program to get your India e-Visa as the process is efficient and effective. Eligible citizens can apply by completing the simple and straightforward online India Visa Application Form.

Indian Visa Application for Tourist Visa Document Requirements

  • An electronic or scanned copy of the first (biographical) page of the visitor’s passport, which must be the standard passport and valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry into India; Otherwise you will need to renew your passport.
  • A color copy of the visitor’s most recent passport photograph (face only and can be taken with a phone).
  • A valid email address to receive the Indian e-Visa in your Inbox.
  • You can use a debit or credit card to pay for the registration fees.


India has much to offer visitors from all around the world. Some people wish to learn about the rich culture and traditions, but others want to consume everything or get spiritual insight. The Foreigners Regional Registration Officer (FRRO) or Foreigners Registration Officer (FRO) is in charge of overseeing foreigner registration and immigration-related procedures for visitors to India, such as visa renewals. Foreigners of all nationalities can use the internet to access FRRO services.

How to Extend India Visa in India?

  • All foreigners can extend their visas through the India visa extension website and mobile app. You do not need to attend their offices because the entire process is done online, but if they phone you, you must go.
  • You can apply for a FRRO visa extension at the website or mobile application. You don’t need to visit their office. They call you in a specific situation; otherwise, the whole procedure is online.
  •  The sole purpose of India visa extensions is to give a platform for foreign tourists to resolve visa issues.
  • Our priority and mission are to provide a friendly environment for foreigners to receive paperless and cashless services and also save their time. So, you can get your work done stress-free.
  • By using the website and app, many foreigners can create their ID by registering themselves. In this way, they can apply for e-Visa and also other visa services like registration, visa extension, exit permit and other services.
  • All the applicant’s documents such as visa documents, India visa extension will be sent directly to the registered email address.
  • Foreigners are not required to visit their offices. But under certain conditions, they will call you directly or email you to visit their office.

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