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Filmmaker Michael Wohlfeld Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Groundbreaking Short Film ‘Void Trawler’ – A Techno-Futuristic Dive into Love, Loss, and Humanity

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Filmmaker Michael Wohlfeld Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Groundbreaking Short Film ‘Void Trawler’ – A Techno-Futuristic Dive into Love, Loss, and Humanity

November 17
20:15 2023

Visionary filmmaker Michael Wohlfeld has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring his groundbreaking short film, ‘Void Trawler,’ to life. With an ambitious goal of $85,570 by December 14, 2023, the campaign aims to make cinematic history by creating a 30-minute live-action short film that seamlessly blends Japanese Seinen-style animation with a captivating narrative.

In a world where AI technology enables everlasting connections with departed loved ones, ‘Void Trawler’ explores the profound impact of this futuristic concept. Michael Wohlfeld, the film’s writer, director, and producer, shared his vision, stating, “Void Trawler delves into the intersection of love, loss, and economic privilege in a future dominated by AI. It is a heartfelt exploration of the lengths one would go to maintain a connection with a lost loved one.”

The film follows the life of a young and underpaid anime artist who relies on AI technology to communicate with his deceased lover, an environmental activist dedicated to protecting sharks from the harmful practice of “finning.” As the protagonist faces unforeseen challenges, the narrative unfolds, presenting a poignant reflection on the intersection of technology and human emotion.

Void Trawler‘ has already gained recognition in prominent film festivals, including being a finalist at the Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards and an official selection of the Hollywood Gold Awards. The exceptional crew, featuring individuals with credits on projects like ‘Disenchanted’ (Disney, 2022) and ‘The Land Before Time’ (Universal Pictures, 1988), is poised to deliver another noteworthy production. 

The success of ‘Void Trawler’ relies on community support, and backers of the Kickstarter campaign will play a pivotal role in bringing this ambitious project to fruition. By joining the ‘Trawlers,’ backers will contribute to creating a visually dazzling experience that combines raw human emotions with futuristic tech potentials.

Contributors to the campaign will have the opportunity to choose from various reward levels, each offering unique perks.

“Your support is not just a contribution; it’s an investment in the future of storytelling. Join us in creating a film that pushes the boundaries of emotion and technology.” Michael Wohlfeld added in.

Timeline and Next Steps:

  • November 2023 to December 2023: Kickstarter campaign.
  • January 2024 to September 2024: Pre-production and filming of live-action scenes.
  • September 2024 to March 2025: Pre-production and filming of live-action scenes.
  • April 2025 to September 2025: Post-production, including editing, visual effects, color grading, sound, score, etc.
  • October 2025: Film completion (timeline subject to change).

About the Cast and Crew:

  • Michael Wohlfeld: Writer, Director, Producer.
  • Garreth Caulfield: Director of Photography.
  • Isaku Kageyama: Music.
  • Sierra Dann: 1st AD (Assistant Director).
  • Colin McKenna: Sound.

To join the ‘Void Trawler’ Kickstarter campaign, please visit their Kickstarter here:

Media Contact
Company Name: Void Trawler
Contact Person: Michael Wohlfeld
City: Rotterdam
Country: Netherlands