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Gambit Recovery Empowering Long-Term Sobriety With Sober Living and Addiction Recovery Programs

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Gambit Recovery Empowering Long-Term Sobriety With Sober Living and Addiction Recovery Programs

November 10
04:39 2023
Drug and alcohol addiction can destroy a person’s life, relationships, and mental health. Gambit Recovery provides an ethical sober living housing program with community support and upscale, affordable housing.

Active addiction can take everything from a person. While every person with an addiction has a story of how they got into the darkest phase of their lives, there is usually a common element—drugs or alcohol become the priority. Gambit Recovery Founder and CEO Tom Fay has been down that dark path and worked his way back to a sober life. Fay started Gambit Recovery to redefine the paradigm of sober living, creating a community where people can help and support each other through sustainable sobriety.  

Getting sober is the first challenge, and many people turn to inpatient programs when they are ready to change the direction of their lives. Active addiction often leads to legal troubles and may result in forced sobriety during jail time or prison. However, after getting sober, many find themselves back in the same toxic circumstances when they return home. As the cliché says, “You can’t heal in the same environment that made you sick.”

Gambit Recovery offers a sober living program with a three-fold focus for individuals looking to live a sober life.

—  Provide structure and support after leaving inpatient treatment
—  Mitigate triggers and risks for relapse
—  Bring individuals out of isolation to live as integrated members of the community in sobriety

Long-term recovery is about more than simply getting sober. Gambit Recovery helps people build a safe, structured environment to experience the benefits and possibilities of sober living.

“Our sober homes offer a true home feeling that provides people with support and respect to empower them and inspire confidence,” Fay said. “As a newly sober individual, a safe and structured environment is crucial for success in preventing relapse.”

Exploring Sobriety and a Better Way of Life

Gambit Recovery’s sober homes provide rules and guidelines that offer structure and support while promoting sobriety and a better way of life. Participants receive regular drug tests, participate in 12-step meetings, and attend social activities and events in the sober community.

“Our program is designed to not just be a ‘sober house’ where people abstain from substances,” Fay said. “We offer uniquely tailored services for everyone to promote a better way of life for them mentally, emotionally, and physically.”

The consequence of addiction and the realities of early recovery can be brutal, but Fay said helping others was a turning point for him. Gambit Recovery helps people redefine themselves without addiction, emphasizing support and guidance for navigating stressors and fears related to those consequences and the realities of sober life.

Building a Supportive, Integrated Community

Many individuals find themselves isolated during active addiction, cut off from friends, family, and society, leaving them unable to make a meaningful, positive impact on the world around them. Isolation offers little hope for success and can lead to relapse. Gambit Recovery creates a community for sober individuals to interact with and support each other. It provides opportunities to get involved with others, restore relationships with loved ones, and plan for a healthy, sober future they can maintain. 

“With the rise of Fentanyl deaths, Gambit Recovery is leading the way with offering individuals a structured and safe place to start a life outside of addiction,” Fay said. 

Gambit Recovery fosters a sense of camaraderie and mutual support by creating an inclusive and nurturing environment based on Fay’s vision of effective, personalized sober living programs formed after 13 years of experience in the field. The organization’s comprehensive programming prioritizes long-term sobriety with a blend of structured living, peer support, and guidance for sustainable recovery. 

Forging a Different Path Toward Sober Living

Gambit Recovery has sober residences for men and women in Gilbert, Arizona, Chandler, Arizona, and a men’s house in Los Angeles, California. With its expansion plans and potential for exponential growth, Gambit Recovery is committed to creating accessible, comprehensive recovery solutions that set a new benchmark for the sustainable sober living industry, with a long-term goal of two sober homes in each state.

“Your past does not define you,” Fay said. “We encourage you not to settle for less than you deserve, especially when it comes to your recovery and where you live. By joining Gambit Recovery, you’re setting the bar high, choosing to surround yourself with healthy, motivated individuals, and residing in a nurturing environment.”


Visit the Gambit Recovery website to learn more about the available sober living and addiction recovery programs. Reach out on Facebook or Instagram to connect with the organization through social media. 

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