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Global Top Scientists Pay Great Attention to Macao Science 1

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Global Top Scientists Pay Great Attention to Macao Science 1

November 09
19:36 2023


Macao Science 1 is the first science and technology experimental satellite designed in Macao and the world’s first low-inclination, low-orbit geomagnetic survey satellite. The project is considered a model of practical cooperation and exchange between Macao and the Mainland as well as Macao and the international community. In Macao, a small place famous for its food and tourism, scientific satellites were successfully designed and launched. When did the fate of Macao’s aerospace science and technology begin to spin its wheels?

Speaking of Prof. Zhang Keke, he is better known as the chief scientist of the Macao Science 1 project and Dean of Macau Institute of Space Technology and Application. After graduating from Nanjing University with a major in astronomy in 1982, Zhang Keke went to the United States for further studies. Later, he has been working as a university professor in the UK for over 30 years. He is an internationally renowned academic figure.



In mid-October, Prof. Zhang Keke led a team to London to give academic speeches and exchange ideas at the Royal Astronomical Society (RAS), introducing the current progress of Macao Science 1’s geomagnetic twin satellites. The Royal Astronomical Society organized an international seminar to discuss the results of the satellites China launched, to provide us with insights and to showcase our results to the world. This event shows a lot of information. It illustrates the international importance attached to the satellites. At the same time, it allows us to have such an opportunity to bring forth the scientific perspectives, ideas, and backgrounds originating from Macao and the Greater Bay Area to the West. So the seminar can be regarded as an excellent calling card. 

Backed by China, a major player in space, the small city of Macao has also stepped onto the center stage of the international arena of aerospace science and technology. From ancient times to the present, Macao has always been a node connecting China and the rest of the world. The cultures of East and West converged here, creating the unique diversified culture and continuously giving back to the city. In the new era, as a node, Macao not only connects the East and the West, but also explores space, creating infinite possibilities.

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