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Body Balance System Introduces the Market’s Premier Red Light Bed for Maximum Effectiveness

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Body Balance System Introduces the Market’s Premier Red Light Bed for Maximum Effectiveness

November 08
21:33 2023
Body Balance System Introduces the Market's Premier Red Light Bed for Maximum Effectiveness
Micheal Londo, Founder and CEO of Body Balance System, revealed the extraordinary features that set the OvationULT™ bed apart

Body Balance System, a pioneering company in red-light therapy technology, is thrilled to introduce its groundbreaking OvationULT™ bed, the most effective red-light therapy bed on the market. 

Body Balance System has been dedicated to engineering and manufacturing red-light therapy solutions since 2014. This journey began with Founder and CEO Micheal Londo’s commitment to finding assistance for his daughter, who was born with a rare genetic birth defect. 

“I started this company centered around my daughter. She was ventilator-dependent 24 hours a day. She came home from the hospital after six months to what was basically a mini ICU at home,” said Londo, “And I just saw, through her experience, that a lot of medical products were very poorly designed. That was my early inspiration for getting into this line of work.” 

Londo has spent the last twenty years perfecting detoxification devices that deliver unparalleled results to the health and wellness industry. As he elaborated, “Our clients in chiropractic clinics, spas, and hotels are seeing excellent results with our state-of-the-art red light therapy systems, such as our flagship OvationULT™ bed, designed with zero-gravity technology and ideal milliwatt power to provide the most powerful therapeutic experience.”

The OvationULT™ is the only Red Light Therapy Bed that also includes frequency massage, thereby eliminating the need for a vibrational plate session post-treatment. As Londo explained, “We purposefully sought to design a more effective system than the typical tanning bed models which cannot get as close to the user as the OvationULT™ and therefore can’t offer the superior treatment that we can.”

The closer red and infrared light is to the body, the more beneficial the treatment. That explains why the Body Balance System has the best bed on the market, because the diodes can get closer to the body thanks to the unique design of the OvationULT™ bed. “A red light therapy bed should be around 30 to 120 milliwatts centimeter squared to be effective. Our beds produce an average of 68 milliwatts centimeter squared. That’s a measure of the light intensity of the diodes on the body, which can vary widely from bed to bed,” said Londo, “We’ve measured seven other beds from different brands, and their potencies range between 2 and 13 milliwatts per centimeter squared, which doesn’t even come close to our readings for the OvationULT bed.”

Dennis Ligon, the CEO of Sunday’s Sun Spa, spoke of the remarkable success he’s had offering Body Balance System beds to his clientele. “We own over twenty salons. We bought these machines with the hope that this would add value and it did,” said Ligon, “We made a significant investment at $870,000, but we’ve generated about 1.4 million in profit from these machines. This revenue stream is big for our bottom line and has resulted in new memberships to our spas.”

The benefits of red light therapy are numerous as it restores mitochondrial health, stimulates collagen production and cell regeneration, improves the skin’s healing abilities, and decreases hyperpigmentation. Red light therapy also decreases inflammation, improves sleep, and promotes more blood flow to the scalp and hair, allowing follicles to get more oxygen and nutrients. “Red light therapy is also a mood and cognitive enhancer,” Londo added, “We’re in the process of getting FDA Clearance for this remarkable product. When we get it, we’ll be the only bed on the market with a top and bottom to encompass the body with FDA Clearance.” 

In addition to these benefits, those who purchase a OvationULT™ bed it is ADA compliant and can qualify for a $5000 federal tax credit. Those interested in finding out more can email or call +1 (877) 296-2228.

About Micheal Londo

Micheal Londo, founder and CEO, started Body Balance System to help his daughter who was born with a rare disorder and he found a need in the health industry. Today the company is proud to present the OvationULT bed as the most effective red-light bed in the industry and the ONLY bed designed for red-light therapy.

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