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Wayfarer Records Founder, Dave Luxton, Releases Follow-Up Space Ambient Album, “Music from the Firmament II”

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Wayfarer Records Founder, Dave Luxton, Releases Follow-Up Space Ambient Album, “Music from the Firmament II”

November 08
21:27 2023

It’s been said that space is the “final frontier.” But what if it was just the beginning rather than the final anything?  What’s out there in space has always captivated the minds and imaginations of many. Dave Luxton, the founder of Olympia, Washington based record label, Wayfarer Records, has done the same with his space ambient album, “Music From The Firmament II,” which was recently released. The album is eleven tracks, and is a follow-up to Dave’s best-selling compilation, “Music From the Firmament” (2011). The album features selected tracks from Dave’s catalog, and includes two new compositions, “Shepherd Moons (Mimas Mix)” and “End of Entropy.”

In addition to owning a successful record label, Dave is also a seasoned producer, audio engineer, and sound designer whose music has been featured in many films. As well, he is a classically trained multi-instrumentalist and composer, well-known for his significant and notable contributions to the ambient and electronic music genres. He is often referred to as the premier creator of space ambient music in America. 

Luxton’s music has been featured on several nationally syndicated radio shows such as “Hearts of Space,” “Echoes,” “Musical Starstreams,” “Music With Space,” and “Star’s End.” One of the most astoundingly accomplished people one might ever encounter, Dave is also a professor, research scientist, author, and licensed clinical psychologist. 

Dave describes his musical mission as: “To make transcendent music from the inner and outer worlds.”  With the lush, atmospheric soundscapes on “Music From The Firmament II,” Luxton has succeeded in that mission.  One feels themselves musically transported not only to whole new worlds, but to entire new universes somewhere out there in the “firmament.” The musical experience of this album is rich and textured, thus inviting listeners to explore the “space” both inside and outside of the imagination and inside and outside of themselves. 

This is a deep and visionary album, far beyond what we may think on the surface is just another ambient album. The music does not meander around. It has purpose and direction and a conceptual narrative as a foundation. Simply put, this album takes listeners on a transformational journey through space and time via intricate and multi-faceted tapestries of sound. 

This narrative quality adds an extra layer of depth and engagement to the music, making the album more than just a collection of random ambient tracks, but, rather, an entire sonic adventure. Throughout the listening experience, we derive an easy sense of deep peace, calm, and renewal from this album that serves as a soothing balm, offering solace and respite from the stresses of modern life. 

For the most immersive and profound experience, headphones are advised. 

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1.   Ascendant Sign 6:22

2.   Free Fall 7:14

3.   Crop Circle 6:16 

4.   Millions of Possibilities 4:20

5.   Palomar 4:26

6.   Shepherd Moons (Mimas Mix) 4:56

7.   Into the Cosmic Void 6:20

8.   Two Planets 5:48

9.   Earthshine 5:16

10. Upon the Deep 4:42

11. End of Entropy 4:56

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