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Babydoll Villegas, Miss California Ambassador US Nation 2023 Rises in the Fashion World

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Babydoll Villegas, Miss California Ambassador US Nation 2023 Rises in the Fashion World

November 08
04:45 2023

In the world of fashion, where appearances often take center stage, there exists a new face, one that seeks to defy stereotypes and inspire change. Meet Babydoll Villegas, the reigning Miss California Ambassador US Nation 2023.

For Babydoll, modeling was a childhood dream inspired by captivating modeling photos her mother once graced. The allure of exuding confidence and beauty on the runway led her to step into her mom’s elegant footsteps. After earning her bachelor’s degree, she decided to take modeling seriously, dedicating the last two years to honing her craft. Starting with print modeling, she soon discovered a profound love for strutting the catwalk, an ambition she realized this season by walking in eight prestigious shows.

In the ever-changing world of modeling, Babydoll envisions a deeper purpose. She believes modeling should celebrate one’s unique identity and encourage people to be unapologetically proud of it. In her words, “We now see ads, billboards, runways, and more with people who look like us in our everyday lives. This makes the younger generation feel seen and represented when they see people who look just like them.”

Photo Credits: Yared Berhane IG @berhanewediiriephotography

As Miss California Ambassador US Nation, Babydoll sees her title as an opportunity to amplify her voice. Her vision goes beyond the glamour of the runway, aiming to serve as a role model for the younger generation and advocate for important issues that resonate deeply with her.

Five years from now, Babydoll envisions herself not only as a successful full-time model but also as a compassionate businesswoman. Her dream is to establish a nonprofit organization to support individuals grappling with mental health, a cause she is deeply passionate about.

Mental health is Babydoll’s platform, rooted in her personal experiences with ADHD and anxiety. She aspires to encourage open conversations about mental health, destigmatizing the issue and fostering confidence among young individuals, both in their minds and in their own skin.

Photo Credits: Yared Berhane IG @berhanewediiriephotography

Babydoll’s ambition stretches beyond just any runway; she aspires to grace the catwalks of iconic brands like Victoria’s Secret, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Bottega, Valentino, Gucci, and many more. Her goals are set high, and she is determined to reach them all.

One stereotype she is determined to break is the notion that models and pageant queens are merely aesthetically pleasing, without substance. Babydoll emphatically emphasizes that models are intelligent, purposeful, and multifaceted individuals who juggle responsibilities beyond the runway.

What sets Babydoll apart is not just her name but her heritage and her insatiable thirst for knowledge and diverse cultural experiences. As a first-generation Latina, she proudly embodies Mexican heritage, speaking Spanish and English fluently. Now, she’s all set to learn Portuguese and ASL. Her love for learning and diverse interests, from baking and cooking to traveling and crafting, make her a unique and vibrant personality.

Babydoll Villegas represents a new wave of models where beauty is not just skin deep. She is a trailblazer, challenging stereotypes and proving that the world of modeling can be a platform for meaningful change, promoting acceptance and understanding. In her pursuit of success, Babydoll’s heart is set on making a difference, one confident stride at a time.

Support Babydoll and follow her on Instagram @babydollvillegas.

Photo Credits: Yared Berhane IG @berhanewediiriephotography

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