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Unlock New Revenue Streams with AdAstra: Revolutionizing Web App Monetization Through Crypto Integration

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Unlock New Revenue Streams with AdAstra: Revolutionizing Web App Monetization Through Crypto Integration

November 07
19:54 2023

London, England – 7th Nov, 2023 – In the ever-evolving landscape of web applications, AdAstra emerges as a pioneering force, transforming digital traffic into a lucrative revenue stream. As a crypto ad network, AdAstra presents an innovative approach by paying webmasters $0.1 per connected wallet, unlocking new possibilities for web app monetization.

Get Started with AdAstra:

AdAstra provides seamless tools that empower webmasters to integrate ‘value-adding’ functionalities into their web apps. By incorporating these integrations, webmasters stand to earn cryptocurrency payouts for each connected wallet. The process is straightforward – sign up, download the plugin, input your payment address, and immediately start earning from your site’s traffic.The $0.1 compensation per connected wallet ensures that webmasters earn with every integration.

Turning Clicks into Cryptocurrency:

Traditional ad networks may pay based on clicks, but AdAstra takes this a step further by paying for wallet connections. This unique model ensures that every click on the web app contributes not just to user engagement but also directly to the webmaster’s cryptocurrency earnings. AdAstra maximizes the value of each click, making the entire web app a potential source of revenue.

Open-Source Plugins:

All of AdAstra’s plugins are open-source, emphasizing transparency and collaboration within the crypto community. This approach allows webmasters to leverage cutting-edge technology without the need for extensive coding skills, making the integration process accessible and user-friendly. 

AdAstra Integrations & Technology:

Designed with a singular focus on turning web apps into crypto-earning powerhouses, AdAstra’s integrations are seamlessly integrated and remarkably user-friendly. Webmasters can enhance the value of their web apps without disrupting the user experience. The pre-configured plugins eliminate the need for coding skills, ensuring a hassle-free integration process.

Explore AdAstra’s Plugin Ecosystem:


Description: Create interactive polls and votable lists within your posts, enhancing user engagement and retention.

Feature: Restrict misuse using Crypto Wallet Connection.


Description: A content locker WordPress plugin, requiring users to connect their crypto wallets to access locked content.


Description: Accept cryptocurrency payments and donations on your WordPress website with this free Cryptocurrency Payment and Donation Box widget.

Meta Age:

Description: Restrict crypto users by age using blockchain and browser wallets.

Meta Auth:

Description: Simplify 2-Factor authentication using signed messages with a private key, ensuring a secure and efficient authentication process. 


AdAstra stands at the forefront of the crypto ad network landscape, providing webmasters with a groundbreaking opportunity to monetize their web apps. With a focus on user-friendly integrations, transparent practices, and an open-source approach, AdAstra empowers webmasters to effortlessly turn their digital traffic into a consistent revenue stream. Embrace AdAstra today and revolutionize the way you monetize your web applications in the crypto era.

Our Mission

We empower webmasters to monetise their digital spaces without compromising user experience, fostering a transparent, efficient, and rewarding digital ecosystem.

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