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Dr. Brett Holeman Shares Insights on Child Counseling and School Psychology in an Exclusive Interview with Kivo Daily

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Dr. Brett Holeman Shares Insights on Child Counseling and School Psychology in an Exclusive Interview with Kivo Daily

November 07
19:15 2023
Child psychologist Dr. Brett Holeman shares insights in a Kivo Daily interview on his approach to therapy, sports psychology integration, and defining career moments, highlighting the impact of a nurturing therapeutic environment on child and adolescent well-being.

Renowned child/school psychologist Dr. Brett Holeman was recently featured in an exclusive interview with Kivo Daily, offering valuable insights into his career in child counseling and school psychology. The interview sheds light on his unique approach to therapy and his dedication to children’s mental health.

With over two decades of experience, Dr. Brett Holeman, PsyD, has made significant contributions to child and school psychology. A “Favorite Kids Doc” as voted by his patients and their parents, he has consistently demonstrated his commitment to fostering emotional well-being and growth in children and adolescents. Dr. Holeman’s interview delves into his career journey, his methods of integrating sports psychology into his practice, and the personal qualities essential for success in the field.

Some key takeaways from the interview include:

  • Creating a Trusting Environment: Dr. Holeman emphasizes the importance of a safe and nurturing environment in therapy, allowing for resilience and confidence building.

  • Integrating Sports Psychology: His unique approach includes incorporating physical activities to strengthen the mind and mindset of individuals, especially athletes.

  • Impactful Career Moments: Dr. Holeman shares poignant moments from his career, illustrating the deep impact his work has on young individuals.

  • The Essence of Success: Success for Dr. Holeman is seen in the positive changes and feedback from his patients and their families.

Dr. Brett Holeman’s interview is not just enlightening for those in the field of psychology, but also for parents, educators, and anyone interested in the mental well-being of children and adolescents. His expertise and insights offer a roadmap for creating a more compassionate and effective approach to child counseling and school psychology.

The full interview can be accessed on Kivo Daily’s website, offering a comprehensive look into the mind and methods of one of the leading figures in child psychology today.

To read the full interview, click here. 

About Dr. Brett Holeman

Dr. Brett Holeman is a distinguished child/school psychologist based in Clark, NJ, with an impressive academic background, including a Doctorate in Professional Child/School Psychology from New York University. His work is characterized by a deep understanding of developmental nuances and a holistic approach to mental well-being.

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