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Art Tech Start Up’s Breakthrough AI Tool Puts an End to ‘LimeWire Era’ of Art

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Art Tech Start Up’s Breakthrough AI Tool Puts an End to ‘LimeWire Era’ of Art

November 07
18:36 2023
Art Tech Start Up’s Breakthrough AI Tool Puts an End to ‘LimeWire Era’ of Art
Seminal helps artists, galleries and estates unlock the true value of their copyright

Melbourne, Australia – Pioneering a new era for the art industry, Seminal unveils its cutting-edge rights management platform for visual arts, welcoming the first wave of users from its waitlist.

For centuries, artists, estates, and galleries have grappled with bad fakes and forgeries. Today’s digital age has made this more common than ever. With massive amounts of art used illegally across the internet. Robbing artists and copyright owners of credit, compensation and creative integrity. And cheapening the essential asset of copyright – the exclusive right for artwork distribution and reproduction.

As a result, copyright is an extremely neglected asset in the artwork. Seminal’s rights management solution restores the value of copyright, enabling owners to capture its full value through protection, licensing and sales.

Seminal Protect

“We’re in a LimeWire era of art” says Ward Williams, Seminal founder. In response to this lack of respect for art copyright, Seminal has developed a proprietary detection software that uses AI to identify copyright infringement across the internet. With the click of a button Seminal secures earnings for rights holders via damages or retrospective licenses.

Seminal Licensing

Traditionally, art licensing is complex, manual, labor-intensive and takes months. Seminal’s direct licensing platform connects copyright owners with licensees with digitized artwork discovery, approvals and royalties. So licensing deals only takes minutes and programs are executed flawlessly. By removing licensing barriers, more deals can occur – unlocking more earnings for artists and connecting the world to art.

Seminal Intellectual Property (‘IP’) Sales

Music icons like Justin Timberlake, Bruce Springsteen and Taylor Swift have long sold the copyright to their catalogues, unlocking hundreds of millions. But this has never been done in the visual arts. The lump sum value of art copyright has remained unrealized, taken to the artist’s grave to then fade away in the public domain. Seminal’s turnkey IP brokerage service enables rights holders to sell full or partial copyright ownership to single works or catalogues, just like musicians. IP sellers can sell on their terms, maintaining equity and control over art usage.

Seminal has garnered interest from major art stakeholders and is set to disrupt the status quo, providing artists, galleries and estates with the tools to reshape how art is valued in the digital age.

For a deeper dive into Seminal’s transformative solutions for visual art IP, visit


Seminal is an industry-first global register protecting the copyright for artistic works and maximizing earning potential.


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