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Appleton Greene & Co Introduces Sales Strategy: A Comprehensive Corporate Training Program

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Appleton Greene & Co Introduces Sales Strategy: A Comprehensive Corporate Training Program

September 20
00:33 2023
A renowned consultancy firm announces its new Sales Strategy Corporate Training Program, led by Certified Learning Provider Ms. Whitbeck. Catering to manufacturing, aerospace, and biotechnology sectors, the program offers a comprehensive curriculum across major U.S. cities. It aims to transform sales approaches, emphasizing client perspectives and relationship-building in today’s evolving sales landscape.

Appleton Greene & Co (AGC) is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest Corporate Training Program (CTP) focused on Sales Strategy. This innovative program, spearheaded by Ms. Whitbeck, a Certified Learning Provider (CLP) with an MBA and BA, aims to redefine the sales landscape across various industries, including manufacturing, aerospace, aviation, and biotechnology.

The Sales Strategy program, available at a monthly cost of USD$2,500.00, offers a 12-month comprehensive curriculum. Participants can expect six-hour workshops and four hours of monthly support, ensuring a holistic learning experience. The program is designed to cater to businesses across major cities in the United States, including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Dallas.

Ms. Whitbeck brings a wealth of experience, having worked extensively in sales, business development, management, production, and operations. Her industry expertise spans manufacturing, consultancy, aerospace, aviation, and biotechnology. With significant commercial experience in cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Dallas, Ms. Whitbeck has successfully developed national implementation programs, launched new products in emerging markets, and established sales management frameworks, among other achievements.

The program delves deep into sales history, tracing its evolution from the Industrial Revolution to today. It highlights the transformation of sales tactics over the decades, from the Fast-Talking salesperson of the 1940s and ’50s to the Strategic Sales method introduced in the 1970s. The curriculum emphasizes the significance of understanding the client’s perspective, ensuring that sales strategies are aligned with the client’s needs and desires.

The Sales Strategy program is structured to provide participants with a clear understanding of various sales methodologies. Some of the core objectives include:

–  Client Journey: A deep dive into the sales process, understanding client expectations, and assigning roles and responsibilities.
–  Ideal Avatar(s): Building a clear picture of the target audience, focusing on market segments, client roles, and the five “yes” answers crucial for sales success.
–  Client Why: A paradigm shift to the client’s perspective, understanding their needs, pain points, and motivations.
–  Building Relationships: Emphasizing the importance of worthy intent, relationship cultivation, and nurturing long-term client relationships.
–  Stand-Out Communications: Developing a comprehensive communication plan articulating the value proposition and driving action.

With the rapid technological advancements, especially automation and AI, the sales landscape is set to undergo significant changes. The program also highlights the importance of capturing value from advanced analytics and the need for continuous sales strategy training.

Appleton Greene & Co is a global consultancy firm providing standard and bespoke corporate training programs. With a vast array of certified learning providers (CLP), accredited associate consultants (AAC), accredited executive consultants (AEC), and accredited senior consultants (ASC), AGC is committed to delivering tangible business processes to its clients. The firm boasts a rich portfolio of training programs focusing on various business functions, ensuring a holistic approach to corporate training.

Individuals can access the website for more information about the Sales Strategy program or to request further details about Ms. Whitbeck.

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