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Learn Biomimicry Unveils the Transformative Potential of Learning from Nature’s Genius to Build a Life-Friendly Future

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Learn Biomimicry Unveils the Transformative Potential of Learning from Nature’s Genius to Build a Life-Friendly Future

September 12
23:21 2023
It’s time to learn from nature, not just about nature.

Today’s dynamic world demands constant innovation, but how can this be achieved with sustainability in mind? 

Learn Biomimicry, a cutting-edge online biomimicry learning platform, steps in to upskill people to create nature-inspired innovations based on 3.8 billion years of nature’s research and development. With its groundbreaking evolutionary approach to education, Learn Biomimicry unleashes and brings the wisdom of nature to the forefront. The learning platform focuses on teaching biomimicry through a variety of affordable online courses designed to help people create nature-inspired innovations and elevate their personal lives and professional careers.

Learn Biomimicry boasts an expert team of world-class biomimicry practitioners, educators, and accomplished professionals who are leading nature-inspired innovation and push forward evolutionary learning. The company has helped more than 1,679 learners from over 41 countries practice biomimicry in their personal and professional lives.

What is biomimicry?

Nature’s brilliance remains largely untapped because, for a long time, humankind lacked the tools, willingness, and technology to mimic nature. People have opted to learn about nature rather than from nature. While learning about nature helps uncover how things work, biomimicry design harnesses nature’s timeless strategies to create solutions that function like nature. Essentially, biomimicry is learning and emulating nature’s genius to solve challenges within the human design world. Read about the history of biomimicry here.

Though considered a new science, biomimicry is a re-emerging discipline of an ancient practice. Biomimicry examples date back centuries before a specific word for the practice existed. With a newfound appreciation for innovation inspired by nature as the world leans towards sustainable and regenerative solutions, biomimicry has become common practice. Biomimicry in architecture shines in nature-inspired buildings, everything from bird skulls to beetle wings, femur, human DNA structure, and more.

Unlock the Secrets of Nature to Shape a Sustainable Future

Seeing the growing appreciation for biomimicry in the modern world, Learn Biomimicry offers biomimicry short courses to help shape a future where innovation and sustainability go hand in hand. Each short course builds in complexity – starting with the fundamentals and how to practice biomimicry, diving deeper into the principles of life, and finally expanding into systems and biomimicry thinking. Learn Biomimicry gives learners insights into the transformative potential of nature-inspired innovation for building a life-friendly future.

“Nature holds the very solutions needed for a life-friendly future. We believe that you should be able to learn biomimicry and use that knowledge to transform your corner of the world for the better.” – Claire Janisch.

Where to start the biomimicry learning journey 

In addition to the short courses, Learn Biomimicry offers an exclusive e-book, “A Field Guide to Biomimicry,” that took 10 years to build and takes 10 minutes to read. This e-book clearly explains popular concepts and gives practical examples of biomimicry in practice to elevate readers’ understanding of biomimicry. Rich in practical knowledge and actionable insights, the e-book includes an overview of the core elements as well as the practice of biomimicry. Learners can also get to know the biomimicry frameworks to rethink, listen, design, and do business in a more resilient, adaptive, and regenerative way.

About Learn Biomimicry

Learn Biomimicry is the only specifically focused biomimicry learning platform for nature-inspired learning, innovation, sustainability, and design. Learn Biomimicry was founded in 2020 to do just that – help people Learn Biomimicry. Since then, they’ve helped more than 1,679 learners from over 41 countries practice biomimicry in their personal and professional lives. 

On a profoundly poetic level, biodiversity and Nature hold the key to their own survival—and humanity’s role in building a life-friendly future. The world needs Nature-inspired innovations now more than ever. It’s time to think outside, in every sense, and learn biomimicry. 

Join Learn Biomimicry in bridging the gap between nature’s genius and human ingenuity and shifting the paradigm from doing less bad to doing more good. 

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