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Turkey’s Best Dental Clinic: Your Smile Turkey Dental Clinic Offers Unmatched Quality and Patient Satisfaction

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Turkey’s Best Dental Clinic: Your Smile Turkey Dental Clinic Offers Unmatched Quality and Patient Satisfaction

June 01
23:34 2023
Your Smile Turkey Dental Clinic (YST), the leading dental clinic in Turkey, proudly announces its prestigious recognition as “Turkey’s Best Dental Clinic in 2023.” With an unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional dental care, YST Dental Clinic has become the epitome of excellence in the dental industry.

Under the expert guidance of oral surgeon Bahattin Pekel, the clinic’s owner, Your Smile Turkey Dental Clinic has gained widespread acclaim for its groundbreaking full-mouth dental implant procedures. Dr. Pekel’s unparalleled skill and efficiency enable him to perform comprehensive mouth implantation involving 12 implants in two hours. His outstanding track record boasts an astounding zero implant failures out of the 2000 procedures he conducted in 2022, solidifying patients’ trust in his expertise and the clinic’s unrivaled implantation services.

The clinic’s innovative techniques and state-of-the-art equipment allow patients to consistently report minimal pain and swelling during and after the implantation procedure. After the implantation, patients receive temporary crowns that are securely fixed to the implants, enabling them to enjoy the benefits of functional teeth right from the start. After a three-month fusion period, patients are fitted with permanent crowns meticulously tailored to their preferences, ensuring the utmost satisfaction with their final results.

“Having had extensive surgery at YST, I’m thrilled with my new teeth. Everyone at the clinic was kind and helpful and even prepared lunch for my wife and me before surgery. I had very little pain throughout the process, which included extractions, implants, and crowns. The clinic is state of the art and almost new,” – Robert B.

Renowned cosmetic dentist Perize Mutlu, celebrated for her minimally invasive approach, places the crowns and actively seeks patient approval before finalizing the treatment. This commitment to patient input ensures that every aspect of the crown design aligns with the patient’s desires. Only after receiving confirmation from the patient does the clinic cement the zirconium crowns, providing patients with a beautifully guaranteed result. Furthermore, these crowns are accompanied by an impressive five-year warranty, underscoring the clinic’s steadfast commitment to delivering long-lasting, top-quality dental work.

We are pleased to offer exclusive dental travel packages to provide a seamless experience for patients traveling from abroad. These packages include convenient arrangements for hotel accommodations and city transfers, ensuring that patients can focus solely on their dental treatment. It is worth noting that many of our patients hail from the UK and USA, a testament to our clinic’s international reputation and the trust placed in our services.

About Your Smile Turkey Dental Clinic:

Your Smile Turkey Dental Clinic is a renowned dental institution in Turkey specializing in full-mouth dental implants and zirconium crowns. With over 15 years of experience, the clinic offers a comprehensive range of surgical and aesthetic dental procedures, utilizing the latest technological advancements. Its unwavering commitment to excellence, patient satisfaction, and affordability has solidified its position as Turkey’s best dental clinic in 2023.

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