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Prepaire Establishing Advanced Research Lab in United Arab Emirates, Using High-Throughput Drug Screening (HTS), Genome Sequencing, iPSC Reprogramming, and 3D Organ Printing

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Prepaire Establishing Advanced Research Lab in United Arab Emirates, Using High-Throughput Drug Screening (HTS), Genome Sequencing, iPSC Reprogramming, and 3D Organ Printing

June 01
21:30 2023

Prepaire Labs, a frontrunner in AI-driven drug discovery, announced today the opening plans for a state-of-the-art research laboratory in the United Arab Emirates. The new BSL2 facility will focus on accelerating drug discovery through the integration of high-throughput genome sequencing, induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) reprogramming, and 3D “organ-on-a-chip” printing technologies for biological in vitro validation.

The new research lab represents a significant expansion in Prepaire Labs’ global operations and highlights the company’s commitment to harnessing cutting-edge technology to revolutionize drug discovery processes.

“This lab opening marks an exciting new chapter for Prepaire Labs,” said Dr. Vicent Ribas, Co-Founder of Prepaire Labs. “By leveraging advanced technologies like high throughput genome sequencing, iPSC reprogramming, and 3D organ printing, we are significantly enhancing our capacity to innovate in drug discovery.”

The facility, equipped with state-of-the-art instruments and technology, will enable Prepaire Labs to drive breakthroughs in disease modeling, therapeutics, and personalized medicine. It will also contribute to the rapidly growing biotech sector in the United Arab Emirates and the broader Middle East region.

“Opening our lab in the UAE aligns with our mission to push the boundaries of science and technology for the betterment of human health,” Ribas added. “The groundbreaking work we anticipate coming out of this facility will significantly accelerate our drug discovery efforts.”

Prepaire Labs’ UAE lab will serve as an innovation hub, fostering collaboration among scientists, technologists, and researchers across the region and the world. The company is committed to driving innovation through these advanced technologies, transforming drug discovery, and contributing to global health solutions.

About Prepaire Labs:

Prepaire Labs is a pioneering healthcare technology company focused on revolutionizing drug discovery and precision medicine. Through the integration of deep learning and biology, Prepaire Labs develops predictive models, innovative technologies, and data-driven solutions to drive advancements in healthcare and improve patient outcomes.

By leveraging population-scale data, Prepaire Labs constructs predictive models grounded in human genetic, phenotypic, and clinical data. These models provide insights into the underlying architecture and biology of diseases, facilitating the development of more accurate predictive models. Additionally, Prepaire Labs utilizes patient-derived induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), genome editing, high-content cellular phenotyping, and machine learning to create in vitro disease models that optimize genetics, cell-type, environment, and multidimensional data collection for increased predictability of human clinical outcomes.

Prepaire Labs’ innovative approach holds the potential to revolutionize the field of drug discovery, enabling the development of new medicines and improving patient outcomes.

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