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Companies Find Quality Plastic Products From California Industrial Rubber

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Companies Find Quality Plastic Products From California Industrial Rubber

March 29
00:52 2023
Companies Find Quality Plastic Products From California Industrial Rubber

Plastics are used in various industries. The usefulness of plastic has grown from basic material to that of multipurpose materials in recent years, with new applications being discovered every day. Plastic is no longer just used for packaging or as an alternative material to glass or metal but also to create functional objects like computers, sports equipment, and mobile phones, among other things. Here are some of the plastic materials available at

Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW)

UHMW is a highly wear resistant, low-friction material used as shaft liners and in bearings, bushings, and seals. Due to its good plasticity, the UHMW can be machined or extruded into skinny sections for use in small components with tight tolerances. It is also insensitive to many chemicals, making it suitable for harsh environments.

The material can be used in many industries, such as machinery manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, and oil drilling tool manufacturing. UHMW can make processing smoother and reduce mechanical failure rate during the production stage or after regular use reports.


Nylatron is a blend of nylon and rubber that is used in the production of various products. This plastic material can be molded into gears, bearings, and bushings with high accuracy and strength. These engineered plastics are incredibly durable, with a design life-cycle lasting up to five times longer than most plastics on the market today. Acetal is preferred in many industries for its strength-to-weight ratio and higher stiffness in products such as gears, bearings, or diaphragms.

PVC Strip Curtains

PVC strip curtains are designed for various environmental conditions, including UV light and weathering. Manufactured from premium grade PVC, this curtain can be used in outdoor applications or environments with high levels of dust and dirt present.

PVC strip curtains from California Industrial Rubber Co. are ideal for industrial applications such as conveyor lines or factory floors requiring uncontrolled airflow. Plastic strip curtains are also used in the food and beverage industry to provide an environment for positive air flow into a manufacturing area.


Polyfilm is a versatile, high-quality material that has revolutionized packaging, protecting, and preserving goods. Polyfilm’s exceptional durability and adaptability make it a popular choice among professionals searching for reliable and efficient materials, from the food industry to construction sites. 

Polyfilm lightweight, waterproof, and customizable features allow this remarkable material to be tailored to fit a wide range of applications, elevating the standards of convenience and performance. With a growing emphasis on sustainability, manufacturers continuously research and develop eco-friendly alternatives to traditional plastics.

Urethane Sheet

Urethane sheet is a versatile plastic material used in various industries. Its properties make it a popular choice for manufacturing products like automotive components, cabinets, doors, electronic equipment housings, architectural and decorative components, and packaging applications. It can also be used as insulation inside ovens or hot water tanks due to its temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, and low thermal expansion coefficient.

All industries need quality plastic products, but finding them can be challenging. California Industrial Rubber provides reliable and cost-effective plastic parts and components for industrial applications. To get plastic materials from the company, buyers can contact via

About the Company

California Industrial Rubber supplies rubber and plastic products to a wide range of customers. The company is known for providing high-quality products at the best price possible. The company’s website is easy to navigate and full of information that can make buyers’ decision-making process more manageable.

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