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The children’s book, Oliver in California, is a refreshing and wonderfully imaginative take on storytelling.

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The children’s book, Oliver in California, is a refreshing and wonderfully imaginative take on storytelling.

March 20
23:03 2023
From intriguing illustrations to captivating stories, Oliver in California chronicles an adventurous Ostrich’s journey through California.

Oliver in California by author Mio and artist Aline is a creative children’s book that perfectly balances being educational and enjoyable.

The Inception of the Idea

Inspiration struck Mio, the writer of Oliver in California, when his son, Vincent, asked for new bedtime stories, “Creating bedtime stories on the spot often leads to the most wonderful of ideas, which was the case with Oliver in California. Once the wheel in my head started spinning, it was difficult to stop; the story spun and weaved on its own.”

Mio’s story also influenced Aline, Vincent’s mother and an artist from Berlin. She illustrated the book, the new characters taking shape by themselves, much like the story.

Oliver and his Adventures 

Oliver in California details the adventures of the endearing Oliver the Ostrich as he explores the beautiful landscapes and different cultures of California. The writing is captivating and easy to understand, effortlessly engaging the readers.

The book is perfect for children and families with adventurous souls who have a knack for traveling and adore animals. The book is not only educational but also quite intriguing and entertaining as it explores interesting locations all across the Golden State.

Aesthetic Line of Merch

Oliver in California also has artistic merch, including T-shirts, hoodies, and aprons, all with the same creative illustrations in the books. The products are unique and guarantee customer satisfaction as they can be returned within 30 days if the buyer is unhappy with their purchase.


The amount of love and warmth infused into the story is tangible as Oliver in California proves to be the perfect book kids and families can bond over.

Oliver in California has a unique and creative outlook on children’s storybooks, and the depth of the storytelling and characters is evident from the intricate details of the writing. 

Upcoming Projects 

Oliverse – Oliver’s next adventureOliver goes sci-fi!Oliverse is a creative universe expanding across a series of books that has many innovative and unique characters.The titular character, Oliver, is an Ostrich born in 1955 at a New Mexican military base and is an avid fan of astronomy, eventually becoming an astronaut and the first ostrich in space.Other interesting characters include Ted, a young scientist at a military research center in the Californian desert, and Lucky Mayo, a dragon commander. We are introduced to the world of the Blue Monkeys, where Oliver finds his new home.

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