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Matt Quinlivan, 20 Year Old Entrepreneur And Social Media Influencer From Holden MA

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Matt Quinlivan, 20 Year Old Entrepreneur And Social Media Influencer From Holden MA

January 28
10:09 2023

The entrepreneur and social media influencer transformed his life and now helps others do the same.

With negativity on the rise, many people, especially youngsters, struggle mentally, physically, and emotionally. That’s why many of them are looking for positive role models that they can emulate and start building their lives. One such role model is Holden native Matt Quinlivan. The renowned entrepreneur, influencer, and founder of the YoungRichMuscle brand started his journey by overcoming issues with self-esteem and confidence that he had because of being overweight. This made him the subject of ridicule throughout his life and saw him struggle to find friends and even love. Moreover, he always had trouble concentrating which saw him struggle academically and then on a series of 9-5 jobs.

He said about how the change started manifesting itself: “One day, I just looked in the mirror and didn’t like what I was turning into. My finances weren’t in order, and I was very out of shape. I had zero to no personality, which was taking a toll on me mentally. I was on the path I had always dreaded and would have regretted on my deathbed. At that moment, I had two choices, I could become depressed and do nothing, or I could take action that helped me to bring about changes.”

He then embarked on his dream to skill himself and become a high-value man. Matt took the first step in his transformation by implementing a strict fitness regimen. His efforts to improve his health and fitness soon paid dividends, and not only did he start to lose weight, but he also gained muscle. This helped him discover a newfound sense of confidence and self-esteem. He also developed a new income stream by committing to learning the fundamentals of the stock market. He cut out the distractions and spent countless hours perfecting the trading craft. This enabled him to generate a steady income that he used to venture out to other avenues, such as launching his own clothing brand.

Today, Matt is a highly successful entrepreneur who wants to help others achieve their goals. He shares his journey and tips through his lifestyle video content on his podcast so people can turn their lives around and overcome the obstacles they are facing.

Matt said about his life’s purpose, “I want to show people that might be struggling or confused that anything is possible if they put their mind to it and go all out to pursue it. It would be an honor for me to motivate younger kids and help change their people’s lives for the better.”

Besides his filming content, Matt also has a clothing line and course that help people learn about the stock market. People can visit his website today to learn more about Matt and his brand YoungRichMuscle.

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