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This Swiss Fitness Coach Is One To Follow

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This Swiss Fitness Coach Is One To Follow

January 27
06:12 2023
This Swiss Fitness Coach Is One To Follow
Online fitness coach Baran Dogan is the fitness coach you need to get in shape naturally and while having fun

Baran Dogan is an online fitness coach from Basel, Switzerland. He creates fitness content online, influences his followers to follow a healthy diet, and inspires them to be fit naturally through regulated diets and a healthy and positive mindset. He encourages a fun environment while following fitness routines and healthy diets.

Dogan is always super fit and inspires his followers to be the same through his online profiles on Instagram and YouTube, where he shares his fitness routines and provides tips and advice to his followers for healthy diets and nutritional meals. He remains positive throughout and spreads positivity among his followers.

Dogan takes a relaxed approach and focuses primarily on continuity. He trains 4 to 5 times a week and shares his fitness routines and rituals with his followers on Instagram and YouTube. 

Dogan encourages his followers to have fun while focusing on their fitness routines. 

“Unfortunately, it’s not fun from the first second. Maybe it’s a little depressing at first that you can’t do something or that you can’t coordinate it. Learning takes time; no expert is born that way. But there should always be a spark of joy. If jogging or playing tennis is not for you, you have to try out what gives you more pleasure.” – Baran Dogan, in his interview with the Digital Journal

Dogan emphasises healthy and nutritional diets as a necessity. It is a known fact that unhealthy eating habits and uncontrolled food intakes are difficult hurdles on the road to fitness. An intense workout session barely burns around 300 calories, depending on the person’s body – which is not even equivalent to two slices of pizza.

Dogan, therefore, advises his followers to avoid stress and emotional eating. He also recommends shopping for natural foods and consumption of home-cooked food as often as possible to monitor what elements enter the body through food. Dogan suggests the consumption of high-protein foods that support effective muscle building.

Dogan personally consumes a natural diet and avoids refined sugars, but he is in favour of fructose consumption. Fructose is a naturally-occurring sugar found in fruits. Dogan consumes healthy amounts of fruits and focuses on hearty meals. He cooks everything himself and pays particular attention to organic products. He considers it essential that nutrition doesn’t feel like a restriction.

Dogan enjoys home cooking and developing his recipes. Even though his daily routine restricts the time he can spend cooking at home, he does his best to fit it into his routine. Dogan suggests that his followers focus on their meals while eating without getting distracted by their phones. 

“Just noticing the food is wonderful.” – Baran Dogan

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