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BitNinja Maximizes their Security Software’s Potential with Upvoty

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BitNinja Maximizes their Security Software’s Potential with Upvoty

January 09
16:42 2023

The new year has begun, and BitNinja is gearing up for some exciting new features and developments. Running a successful online business requires reliable security software. That is why BitNinja uses Upvoty to ensure they provide the highest quality possible. With this tool, they get feedback from their users so they know what customers need and what would improve their experience.
Use Cases
Upvoty allows BitNinja customers to easily submit their comments, ideas, and feature demands. When a user submits a request or report, they can assign priority levels ranging from “low” to “highest.” This helps BitNinja prioritise these feedbacks and check which ones should be addressed first. Additionally, each submission can have multiple labels attached to it to efficiently organise them into categories like “performance,” “usability,” etc.
Another use case of Upvoty is connecting to internal task management. BitNinja assigns tasks related to individual submissions (such as coding changes or testing fixes) based on the voting results. This helps ensure that all tasks are completed in a timely manner and that nothing falls through the cracks.
Furthermore, Upvoty allows BitNinja to respond quickly to any questions or comments from users via its in-app messaging system. This ensures that no one feels ignored when they reach out with their concerns. Plus, it gives BitNinja an opportunity to get direct feedback from users to better understand their needs and wants when developing new features or fixing existing ones. BitNinja recognises that user feedback is essential for creating the best product possible. With it, they know what their users need and want out of their software, making it easier for them to create meaningful improvements.  Plus, seeing what users think about specific features helps them gauge where they should focus development efforts to improve the software in the ways that matter most. 
Real-life Examples
For example, an SQL database scanner was deemed a necessity by customers that BitNinja recognised and therefore activated this new security component. This feature automatically scans the database for any suspicious activity locally. With this new module in place, users can rest assured that their database will be regularly examined and cleaned thanks to the MalwareDetection module’s detectors. 
Another example is their remodeled malware scanner. Their cutting-edge malware scanner was already considered outstanding on the market. However, there is always room for improvement when it comes to server security. Therefore, users can now scan their servers up to 90% faster than before, thanks to new developments. The unique two-phase approach — Quick Scan followed by Deep Scan—is designed to give server owners and hosting providers peace of mind knowing that their server is thoroughly protected from malware without taking up too much of their time.
Furthermore, some new WAF rules were introduced because of known Symfony vulnerabilities. Quite often, developers using Symfony leave some components enabled in the production environment or forget to keep the framework up-to-date, thus leaving room for hackers to attack and steal sensitive data. With BitNinja’s WAF module, it is now easy to defend the servers from these discovered vulnerabilities. 
2023 Sneak Peak 
BitNinja is preparing for 2023 too, and Upvoty is helping them plan their upcoming developments. 
The first two innovations are already in process and will be released at the beginning of 2023. 
One of their top feature requests is Windows support because, currently, BitNinja only protects Linux servers, but this will change soon. According to their research, it looks like more and more servers are running Windows, so this new version is required.
The second most-voted request was a cloud solution. The reason for this demand is the further load reduction. BitNinja already decreases the load thanks to its extensive IP list. However, more is always better when it comes to server capacity. Therefore, BitNinja is developing a CloudScanner solution to perform the actual search for malware. Then the server only has to report the suspicious files, which results in a much lower server load.
BitNinja understands how important user feedback is to ensure the product meets everyone’s needs and expectations – which is why they rely on Upvoty for feature requests. The platform’s intuitive design makes submitting suggestions painless and helps keep the development process always running smoothly. BitNinja uses this tool, so they have everything they need to provide the best possible software experience for hosting providers around the world!

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