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DGB Group Is A Developer With A Passion For High-Quality And Large-Scale Carbon And Biodiversity Projects

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DGB Group Is A Developer With A Passion For High-Quality And Large-Scale Carbon And Biodiversity Projects

December 01
22:33 2022
As the first publicly traded purpose company for conservation and offsetting carbon, DGB Group is tackling big projects for the bettering of the environment. Their goal is to help third-party companies become carbon neutral for a healthier Earth.

Becoming carbon neutral can seem like a daunting task for even the most caring business. If one doesn’t know where to start or how to make improvements, it can be overwhelming to know what to do to make a difference. Bringing in a developer that knows how to make this difference is crucial to any business trying to improve their footprint on the Earth. 

DGB Group is one such developer that excels at getting companies to that coveted carbon-neutral position. This leading global carbon offsetting company specializes in reforestation projects, funded by the third-party companies that work with them to get their carbon offset. 

DGB Group’s origins and purpose

DGB Group exists to reforest as much of the world as possible, utilizing the aid of companies that want to reduce their carbon footprint. They do this in three ways. 

The first is nature-based projects. DGB Group has multiple ongoing projects that are making massive differences globally. In Kenya, they’re working hard to reforest and bring back many native trees that have been disappearing over time. Three million fruit, indigenous, and fast-growing trees will be planted by the time this project is complete. This massive effort will capture 7.92M tons of carbon. This project is ongoing and has the potential to expand from 3 million trees to 20 million as more funding is donated. 

Another ongoing project is in Cameroon. This project has been working to plant 3 million trees as well in various parts of Cameroon. The same incredible project is also underway in Uganda. The more corporate partners become involved, the more trees can be planted in these areas to restore ecosystems and capture millions of tons of carbon.

In Kenya and Cameroon, DGB Group is also manufacturing and distributing tens of thousands of efficient and locally manufactured stoves. These efforts will also contribute to several million tons of carbon captured. 

These incredible projects are just the first way DGB Group is working to make improvements globally for the planet. Their second area of focus is carbon offsetting. This effort involves DGB Group providing consulting for businesses who want to make a difference and get to that carbon-neutral state. 

Their third area of focus is biodiversity projects. Biodiversity protection ensures the reduction of damage to the environment and ecosystem. Instead of having to rebuild what once was, this approach stops the damage from occurring in the first place. 


DGB Group is the first publicly traded company of its kind. They help governments and companies work together to make a massive difference in the world by offsetting carbon and preserving the precious resource of the Earth’s ecosystems. For any company looking to make the change and work on their impact, DGB Group is the ideal place to start. 

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