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The Simplest Way to Share Life Stories and Memories with Loved Ones

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The Simplest Way to Share Life Stories and Memories with Loved Ones

May 16
18:58 2022
For families who want to pass on their stories but don’t have time or don’t know where to start.

Looking back at old photos or remembering a special moment can trigger a flood of nostalgia or even a sense of deep desire to pass it on to loved ones so it won’t be forgotten. But often, the story is simply talked about, and with no one to record it, it may eventually fade away forever.

Scott, the founder of TimeWell, wrestled with the reality of this when he ran across some old photos of his late grandpa Tom and asked his mom about the stories behind them. Engulfed in a deep desire to have been able to hear the stories directly from his grandpa, he wished there was an easy way he could’ve captured the stories while he was alive.

Looking at other legacy services on the market, he saw most were focused on simply writing stories in text. But Scott knew there was no amount of letters on a page that could capture his grandpa’s warm, kind laugh.

Hearing many other people’s desire to hear their loved one’s voice again, he and his team launched TimeWell. TimeWell is an online platform that makes it as easy as possible for families to capture stories behind photos or questions. One of the most popular ways people use it is by uploading their favorite photos then recording their voice recalling that special moment. Don’t worry if you don’t have a photo—you can simply write a question or memory then record the memory to that!

“TimeWell is the only solution that brings photos, voice, and prompts together in a beautiful, super-simple way that can last a lifetime. And I can easily share them with (and even collect them from) my family and friends. I’m happy to finally have this.” – Michael, Idaho.

Designed for self-proclaimed non-tech-savvy people, TimeWell can help you to document your life story with rich photos, prompts that trigger memories, and all you need to do is talk. For the people like you who make the small investment to record their stories, their loved ones and future generations will have the priceless gift of knowing you better.

“My grandpa has tons of stories, and this was way easier than having him type them all out! I wish we found this earlier.” – Brianna, California.

Beyond making it super simple to capture memories, TimeWell aims to deepen family bonds. With voice records, future grandkids can listen to great-grandad narrate exciting adventures or meaningful idyllic times, friends can relive silly stories from when they were younger, and wives can listen to their husbands talk about fond childhood memories. TimeWell immortalizes these stories so that users can listen to a loved one’s voice forever. Each of these, from the most extraordinary to the seemingly mundane, can help users discover things they never knew about a loved one.

TimeWell opens new perspectives and increases one’s appreciation of every fleeting moment and the relationships they have now.

As more people recognize the importance of creating keepsakes to remember loved ones and share with future generations, TimeWell aims to remain a steadfast partner in celebrating life’s cherished moments and the bonds formed in between.

Try TimeWell for free today at Your family and future generations will be grateful you did.

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