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LA based personal trainer Aziz Kaffel launches ultimate body and lifestyle transformation coaching on Kickstarter

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LA based personal trainer Aziz Kaffel launches ultimate body and lifestyle transformation coaching on Kickstarter

January 22
01:39 2022

The Ultimate Body & Lifestyle Transformation Challenge by Aziz Kaffel Fitness LLC aims to help people reach their fitness goals with customized coaching by leading trainers, proven workout tools, and expert nutritional guidance.

Aziz Kaffel Fitness LLC has recently launched The Ultimate Body & Lifestyle Transformation Challenge program that is innovatively designed to help everybody achieve optimum fitness, regardless of age, gender, fitness level, lifestyle, or any such parameter. The breakthrough program comprises fully customized workout plans, nutrition guidance, personalized coaching by a world-class mentor, and real-time virtual support.

The campaign is geared to raise around $10,000 by February 17, 2022.

The Ultimate Body & Lifestyle Transformation Challenge allows users to choose from 4 different challenges-

  • 21-Day Fast Transformation Challenge
  • 6-Week Transformation Challenge
  • Ultimate 12 Weeks Transformation Challenge
  • Ultimate 24 Weeks Transformation Challenge

The program works in tandem with a dedicated fitness app.

“There is no dearth of fitness programs or apps today but one of the major things that make us different from the crowd is that we follow a ‘customized’ approach. Every one’s body, lifestyle, and fitness goal is different. Thus, unlike regular programs, we don’t follow a generic cookie-cutter approach here – rather we offer a completely personalized consultation, coaching, and mentorship which assures guaranteed success”, stated Aziz, certified personal trainer, leading mentor, martial arts instructor, and founder of Aziz Kaffel Fitness LLC.

The Ultimate Body & Lifestyle Transformation Challenge coaching is based on 3 pillars-

Fitness – With a library bustling with 100+ workout videos on the private app, the fitness pillar is designed to help anyone achieve fitness.

Nutrition Plan – The Nutrition Plan is a fully customizable guide which is intelligently designed to suit any body type, diet, and fitness goals. It includes a Cookbook, a Grocery Helper, and a dedicated Professional Trainer who will make sure the user sticks to his/her fitness journey.

Accountability – A world-class trainer from Aziz’s team will be assigned to each client who will guide him/her at every step throughout the fitness journey. Most importantly, the trainer will hold the client accountable to reach his or her fitness and nutrition goals.

“You will always have a dedicated trainer all along who will make sure you don’t fall off the track mid-way and you are able to fulfill your goals.”

Top features of The Ultimate Body & Lifestyle Transformation Challenge coaching:

  • Customized planning with a hands-on approach
  • Coaching and mentorship by world-class trainers
  • Intuitive and Exclusive smartphone app
  • Personalized Nutrition Planning
  • Powerful accountability system
  • Supplement guidance
  • Meal plans and cookbook
  • 24/7 trainer availability
  • Mental and psychological support
  • Flexible program

The early batch of clients of the program have posted rave reviews –

I began working with Aziz in May 2021 and since then I have not only lost 34lbs but gained pure muscle.” – William F.

Aziz is a great trainer. He gives you the tools to succeed in the gym and the kitchen. I saw noticeable results after 4 weeks in his program. I’ve been very happy with my choice to train with him. I would recommend Aziz to anybody interested in taking control of their diet and exercise.” – Bryson M.

“The Ultimate Body & Lifestyle Transformation Challenge is just the thing you have been looking for to get on track with your fitness. Whether you are looking to gain weight or lose weight or in need of total body transformation- this is the program for you. It’s a very pragmatic and easy-to-follow program that will conveniently fit into your existing lifestyle and routine. Most importantly, it is equipped with the needed plans, tools, features, and support that are essential for guaranteed success. However, such a breakthrough program demands robust financial backup and hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring the challenge to life and make the world fitter than ever.”

Backers will be rewarded with exclusive Kickstarter discounts on the programs and consultation. 

To show your support for the campaign, please visit their Kickstarter campaign here:

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