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ONBUFF, making IP rights trading more transparent and decentralized

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ONBUFF, making IP rights trading more transparent and decentralized

January 13
22:03 2022

Transactions involving intellectual property licenses or IP-related businesses have thus far been inefficient and done in a very secluded manner. This has led to a difficulty in having even promising IP valued properly, as well as in raising funds or expanding related businesses.

ONBUFF seeks to use blockchain technology to establish a platform where the process of trading IP rights is made transparent, so that IP can be valued and priced appropriately. This would help corporations with IP to both horizontally and vertically expand their IP content to increase corporate value, and open a path for corporations who need to use IP to do so in a smoother manner.

Once IP is registered on the ONBUFF platform, it undergoes a valuation process according to the valuation criteria and a grade is granted. The grade of IP is determined by the Big Data index, the number of secondary or tertiary copyrighted materials and performance.

Based on this grade, IP businesses get started and the value of IP increases.


Moreover, ONBUFF tokens can be used when signing a licensing contract on IP or when using IP. In other words, license fees and royalties are all paid via ONBUFF tokens.

In addition to its partnership with SNK, ONBUFF has already secured cooperative relations with a number of global game companies that have outstanding IP and will be unveiling additional game IP and animated film IP in the near future.

ONBUFF has announced earlier a three-party collaboration with The sandbox and ICONIX to issue NFT for its popular animated film, ‘PORORO’.

ONBUFF also issued NFT for characters that appear in animated films including PORORO, such as Cron, Roopie and Eddie.

While ONBUFF has been garnering a lot of attention, the company is not letting it become a distraction as it promotes its own market place for NFTs it developed in house and NFT items, such as the tank from the game Metal Slug and the characters from The King of Fighters.

To launch its game business in the global market, ONBUFF plans to first launch its blockchain-based game platform, ‘INNO’ during the first half of 2022. This will serve as the basis for its global game services that will cater to various markets in addition to the market for IP businesses. 

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