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Bin Ham Group: A year since the spread of Corona, Promising results, ambitious plans and better future

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Bin Ham Group: A year since the spread of Corona, Promising results, ambitious plans and better future

May 10
01:03 2021

Bin Ham Group presented its annual report on the results and statistics related to the Coronavirus and the repercussions of the spread of the virus on the group companies, one year after the spread of Corona around the world.

The report included 5 parts representing the sectors in which the group companies are active, namely: education, travel and tourism, construction and construction, real estate, health.

The report reviewed a graph that shows the speed of recovery of Bin Ham Group companies from the repercussions of the virus Due to the prompt and effective measures and decisions taken by the Board of Directors to limit without exacerbating the impact of the pandemic on the conduct of business.

The report covered several aspects related to: measuring the efficiency and productivity of employees during the pandemic, working remotely, customer satisfaction, employment during the pandemic, flexibility in decision-making.

The results showed an increase in the efficiency and productivity ratio of employees, especially in the health, education, and real estate sectors, plus customer satisfaction.

As for the travel and tourism, construction and infrastructure sectors, the company continued its policy of not laying off employees Providing all facilities to follow up remote work with high efficiency and ensuring that services are provided with the highest standards of quality and credibility.

In addition to an increase in the employment rate, as the group included during the year the spread of Corona many competencies in line with the new directions of the Board of Directors with regard to the interest in modern technologies and their application to be use in all sectors of the group and accelerate the pace of completion of future plans.

Regarding the report, Sheikh Ahmed bin Muslim bin Ham Al Ameri, General Manager of Bin Ham Group said: We are satisfied with the results revealed by the report, which indicate the good management during the pandemic in terms of the decisions and procedures followed that contributed to mitigating the repercussions of the spread of the pandemic on the group companies.

Bin Ham continued: The year of Corona was full of challenges and experiences from which we benefited a lot and worked on developing our policies and plans continuously.

He added: The UAE model in confronting the pandemic was the focus of appreciation of the specialized international institutions that ranked the country in the first ranks at the regional and global level in the efficiency of dealing with the repercussions of the epidemic and the speed of the transition to the recovery stage.

Bin Ham stressed that the UAE has demonstrated, through the vision of its wise leadership, a unique ability to face challenges efficiently and turn them into opportunities and achievements

The year of fifty: a promising future that does not know the impossible

The year of the fifty comes to mark the beginning of a new phase with renewed ideas and creative and ambitious projects led by space with determination and faith.

We possess all the ingredients for success and work hard to reach the forefront armed with the original ancestral values and new sciences, our generation is an ambitious young generation that takes challenges as opportunities for self-affirmation and excellence.

The wise leadership that believed that the human being is the basis of achievement and worked to invest in training and teaching him and giving him all the necessary skills to reach the top.

What has been achieved during the past 50 years pushes us to move forward to achieve more achievements.

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