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Whole Body Vibration Machine, LifetimeVibe, Made in the USA, Improves Health for 2,000 Customers

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Whole Body Vibration Machine, LifetimeVibe, Made in the USA, Improves Health for 2,000 Customers

May 07
01:33 2021
Listening to customers and medical experts leads to a new, patented vibration plate design with 22 improvements for natural healing.

May 6, 2021 – LifetimeVibe customer Paul Wilson, age 94, looks so young and healthy that nearly everyone he meets asks him for his health secrets. Finally, to answer all the requests, he wrote “How Reach Your 100th Birthday.” Paul says: “I work out on my LifetimeVibe machine for 10 minutes before breakfast. OK, the machine is expensive, but it is the best, most reliable such machine on the market and my daily use helps me to feel much better.”

Whole body vibration technology was first developed in the 1980s to help astronauts maintain strength in zero gravity. Since then, extensive research has shown benefits for athletes, pain relief, and many health conditions. Research collected at includes athletic performance, arthritis, back and joint pain, neuropathy, immune system, brain health, and many other conditions.

LifetimeVibe began when Vicki Honey sold several hundred whole body vibration machines from a different company. She listened to customers until she collected 22 requested improvements. Then, in 2013, she used that list to work with medical experts and engineers to develop and patent LifetimeVibe, made of steel and cherry wood in the USA.

In 2020, Vicki retired and sold the company to Varden and Becky Hadfield, who recently sold the 2,000th machine. They love personally learning how customers are changing their lives with daily use of the machine.

Customer reviews include:

“The best whole body vibration machine on the market. It is very well made. We use it at least once a day and the results showed on our annual physical.” – Peter L.

“Bought a $300 machine from amazon that we thought would be similar… night and day difference. LifetimeVibe was smoother, quieter and didn’t rattle so hard your teeth would fall out. Also love the range of vibration options.” – Jacob Clement

“I am the director at a senior center where we have had two of these machines available for the seniors to use. It has almost non-stop usage with a line of people waiting to get on.” – Gena Bertelsen

“Using LifetimeVibe is the highlight of my day. The machine is solid, and so is the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and integrity.” – Clay Neves

LifetimeVibe is accredited with the Better Business Bureau, and has a 5-star rating on Google and Facebook. With a lifetime warranty on the frame and three years on everything else, the company is dedicated to quality workmanship and customer service. Each machine includes a 165-page exercise book, stool, handles, and a personal consultation with the company physician.

The patented design of LifetimeVibe reduces noise and vibration and simplifies controls and handles. The machine provides oscillating vibration from 0 to 15.5hz, and from 0 to 10mm in amplitude. In oscillating vibration, the left side goes up as the right side goes down, to simulate natural walking motion. Unlike others that start suddenly, the machine accelerates smoothly and gradually to avoid harsh shocks to the body.

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