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PCB Company – Manufacturers and PCB Assembly Services in the UK and Europe

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PCB Company – Manufacturers and PCB Assembly Services in the UK and Europe

November 21
08:30 2020
PCB Manufacturers UK is a company that creates custom and bare boards for many production schedules and other service companies.

London, United Kingdom – With more than 10 years in business, the core of PCB manufacturers has always been the creation of bare boards. They create custom PCB boards in a fast manner, or many boards for production schedules such as breakout/pinout boards or highly complex microwave/RF boards, PCB supplier UK can provide every service for the need of the industry.

There are a number of industries that PCB manufacturers UK serve which include the Telecommunications, Medical, as well as Space and Defense industries. With their well-planned an expert setup, PCB assembly can overcome many issues that other manufacturers face during fabrication. Therefore, their customers always get top quality high reliable products. The PCB prototype helps to help keep their customer’s projects back on track, and they get their boards right on time.

There are a number of services that the PCB manufacturers provide, and they have optimized them for their customer’s needs. The client simply needs to send them key specifications for the boards that they need, and the order can be optimized based on the functionality, time constraints, as well as budget. Their services are best in value, and the results provided in terms of the boards are extremely efficient and on time.

The PCB Company are also rigid Flex PCB UK Manufacturers, they offer their customers boards that are a combination of flexible parts and rigid parts. Depending on the nature of the application, the technology involves multiple layers of flexible circuit substrates bonded to several rigid sections externally and internally. As efficient flexible circuit board manufacturers, they designed a flexible substrate to flex continuously or flex only once during assembly. They usually form the flexing curve during manufacturing or while installing. With a considerable amount of experience in flex PCB manufacturing, the designs for flexible printed circuit boards are much more challenging compared to the design for regular rigid which is why their efficient team of professionals are able to do it expertly after discussing the key specifications required by the client.

The PCB company is a reliable contract manufacturer, and they are experts in what they do. Their deep technical expertise and dedication to quality and outstanding features are impeccable. Their customers receive the best in extreme customer services along with the best quality product. Customers can order their PCB Assembly UK through their online ordering services, as they offer four types of assembly services. These include prototype PCB assembly, partial turnkey assembly, full turnkey assembly as well as consignment assembly. Other than this, they also provide PCB prototype services and quick turn PCB services. The variety provides a great way for the customers to stick to their budget, while still obtaining the superb quality and services that the PCB company offers. They always guarantee their services to be on time and each specification provided by the client is met with priority and efficiency.

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