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Mario Bonds Inspires Millions as a Foster Parent to Four Boys in Spite of Being Totally Blind

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Mario Bonds Inspires Millions as a Foster Parent to Four Boys in Spite of Being Totally Blind

November 20
15:54 2020
Mario Bonds, the Face of Motivation and Music, has shown that it is possible to care for others even for those with a serious physical disability like total blindness.

Mario Bonds, the multitalented singer, songwriter, and motivational speaker is emerging as the inspiration source for millions. This incredibly talented artist has shown the world that a disability need not become an obstacle in the way of achieving one’s dreams and ambitions. He is a foster father to four children and takes care of them despite being completely blind in both eyes.

“I have had a tough childhood and suffered hardships of unimaginable proportions,” says Mario Bonds while recalling his early days. “I suffered abuse at various levels, was abandoned and became homeless. Yet, even during my worst times, I never lost hope and kept my spirits flying high.”

Bonds is one of nine siblings in his large family. He was born with Morning Glory Syndrome, a degenerative condition that results in loss of vision in both eyes. By the age of nine, Bonds was completely blind. To make matters worse, he lost his parents too. However, Bonds utilized his sorrows and setbacks to propel himself forward.

His passion for helping the unprivileged was evident when he recently adopted four boys. Some questions were raised about how a blind person can care for four young kids and ensure their safety and well-being. However, the judge was convinced that this single father can fully fulfill the responsibilities associated with adopting children.

Bonds holds a foster care license, and that has helped him overcome any potential hurdles in the adoption process. He is keen to serve society through active participation and sponsorship of programs and events for troubled youths.

Bonds started singing and playing the piano at age 5. He got his first professional exposure at 12 while playing the drums for his childhood church, Refuge Temple in Washington, D.C. 

Bonds mastered playing the piano and the drums and also quickly added guitar and organ to his skillset. At 14, the musically gifted Bonds got admission to the prestigious Suitland’s School for the Visual and Performing Arts. He later secured a degree in Journalism from George Mason University.

Bonds became a famous figure because of NBC Universal’s run of his “Glee Project.” That success helped Bonds reveal to the world that a person with a disability can rise and meet any challenge. He has entertained and inspired millions of fans over several years. He has also worked at the Pentagon and is a popular TV host as well. Bonds was a contestant on American Idol as well. 

The singer’s single debut ‘Steel’ was released on March 17, 2018. It is a stirring, biographical power ballad that inspires those facing challenges to believe in themselves. The song makes listeners recognize themselves as made of steel, with the power to withstand tough circumstances and any form of adversity. 

‘Steel’ is on target to become a crossover modern-day anthem. The song’s soaring vocals and infectious lyrics have incredible motivational powers and deliver a jolt of inspiration to today’s world.

Bonds has a long string of achievements to his credit. He is a tech expert and offers computer guidance to companies and people. He is a proficient voice actor and poet.

Bonds has been conferred with the prestigious Imagination Award for his work with students and the performing arts. His early life and struggles have been captured aptly in “Without Sight but Full of Vision” – a moving memoir. 

Through his unforgettable music, keynotes, and live performances, Bonds has demonstrated to the world that it is possible to succeed regardless of all obstacles. All that are needed are courage, creativity, and determination to overcome adversity.  

Bonds is a performer and motivational speaker with a passion for delivering a “special surprise” to his listeners and audiences on how to overcome hardships.

This powerful speaker knows how to draw audiences in with his provoking, and inspiring, presentations, which are the perfect blend of education and entertainment. He also provides performances and keynotes in fluent Spanish. Many of his presentations conclude with an inspirational song performance. 

Bonds often speaks on the following topics:

  • Putting The Odds in Your Favor: Choosing to Overcome Adversity
  • Without Sight but Full of Vision: A Message from Mario’s Childhood Memoir
  • What Disability? – Redefining What it Means to be Disabled
  • Box of Life’s Chocolates: Diversity, Equal Access & Inclusion
  • From Victim to Survivor (abuse/assault): Ways to Reclaim Your Power
  • World of Assistive Technology: A Blind Man’s Virtual Life

His YouTube videos can be accessed here:

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Mario Bonds is an incredible singer, songwriter, and author. He writes and records songs that inspire and transform listeners. He is also a compelling motivational and inspirational keynote speaker and speaks on a variety of topics aimed at inspiring people. He is a living example of how people can achieve their life goals and dreams despite facing seemingly insurmountable adversities. “The Glee Project,” remains his most successful creation to date, one that has inspired millions.

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