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Meet Rahul Patel, Attorney by Trade, Entrepreneur by Practice

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Meet Rahul Patel, Attorney by Trade, Entrepreneur by Practice

November 20
08:54 2020
Meet Rahul Patel, Attorney by Trade, Entrepreneur by Practice

“I think the one word that can define me is fearless,” Rahul Patel says of his versatile career. As co-founder and managing partner of Patel Gaines, PLLC, Rahul leads the fifth fastest growing law firm in the nation. With a focus in commercial and civil litigation, commercial real estate, property tax litigation, and corporate business law, Rahul has scaled a team of legal minds that excel at creating effective solutions for a variety of client needs. As a result, his success in the law industry created a world of opportunities for him, and he has made a name for himself by taking advantage of each one.

Outside of Patel Gaines, Rahul is also the CEO & Founder of San Antonio’s Fundamental Sports Management(FSM) agency, a rapidly growing working with NBA Agency – focused on management, marketing, media & now Legacy. players as a licensed agent. In September, he launched a functional fitness enterprise, Five Fitness Group, rapidly bringing fitness to South Texas. And with these successes under his belt, Rahul’s newest project is the launch of his upcoming podcast, The Official Hour with The RBP, where he plans to share leadership, advice, mentorship, and motivation for turning goals from dream to reality.

With an ever-growing list of titles, Rahul is an entrepreneur, investor, attorney, sports agent, and business leader. He continues, “I’m a father, husband, and I consider myself to be a business person first and foremost. I’m an attorney by trade, but I feel like I’m an entrepreneur by practice. Growing up, it was always pre-determined what my role was going to be and when I broke away from that path, I think that was the mission that said ‘I’m going to make it, despite the way my story should have been written.’”

As a first-generation Indian American, Rahul has overcome many obstacles to achieve this success. He explains, “My parents moved here as immigrants. I grew up rich in family but never really rich in dollars, but we had a great family around us. From there, I’ve just taken a lot of our life experiences and put those into practice and hopefully have found ways to influence and impact the people that are around me.”

Rahul refers to himself as “situational leader”. Taking his life experiences as a first-generation American, and applying them throughout his career, he has mastered the art of adapting to whatever life throws his way. “I feel like I can walk into any situation and gauge what’s going on very quickly and adapt,” Rahul says. “Sometimes what happens is when you’re in a situation and something is out of place, your whole plan goes awry. Instead, I feel like oftentimes, those are the situations where I excel the most.”

Rahul brings a valuable perspective to a whole host of industries. With his finger on the pulse of where we have been and where we can go, his dynamic communication skills are sought on a wide range of topics including leadership, business, innovation, personal branding, diversity, entrepreneurship, sports representation, commercial real estate, property tax litigation, and more. He says, “When I see something being done well, I ask myself what’s stopping it from being great… and then I do exactly that.”

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