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Nine Tails, promote the excellence of K-Beauty to the world

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Nine Tails, promote the excellence of K-Beauty to the world

October 28
01:51 2023
Nine Tails is loved in Korean market

BTS, the world-renowned K-pop star group proudly stands on the global stage, all achieved without relying on financial prowess but on sheer talent and the dedicated fandom known as ARMY.

Nine Tails is dubbed as the BTS of K-Beauty overseas because Nine Tails has garnered attention in France and Japan, with a wrinkle-smoothing effect in just 30 seconds, solely based on customers who have seen direct results, without relying on Capital-Driven marketing.

“Nine Tails is loved in Korean market, but overseas markets seem to be even more enthusiastic for our brand. People is comparing us to BTS… that’s unbelievable,” says Seocheol Kim, the president of Nine Tails.

Nine Tails is a specialized wrinkle care and Anti-Aging cosmetics brand that has approved by the Korean government with Brand K certification. Nine Tails produce cosmetic serums and facial mask products. In 2019, Nine Tail is the first Korean beauty product brand featured on a French TV home shopping channel and sold out all products consecutively. The brand was also honored by being selected as the bestseller on French M6, the TV home shopping channel in the same year. Moreover, after launching on Japan’s largest TV home shopping channel in 2022, Nine Tails achieved five consecutive sellouts. In February 2023, Nine Tails hit their highest records ever on its shop channel in Japan. Additionally, Nine Tails quickly sold out when they debuted on TF1, France’s largest broadcasting channel, in 2023.

The sales phenomenon in France and Japan is still ongoing, and the trend is becoming even stronger over and over. However, why are France and Japan, two countries of the world’s most advanced countries in beauty industries, which have renowned luxury cosmetic brands, so enthralled with Nine Tails?

When applied to wrinkles or sagging areas, Nine Tails not only provides immediate visible effects that can be confirmed by the eyes but also offers prolonged improvement with long-term use. It is a double-effect wrinkle product.

As the average life expectancy has been increased recently, Beauty products such as wrinkle creams and lifting skin products are also attracting a lot of attention. Many companies are launching new products; however, consumers found it difficult to experience their Anti-aging effects immediately. However, Nine Tails Advanced Line Lift Serum stood out as a distinctive product. It offers long-term effects and instant effects within just 30 seconds without any manipulation of its records, visibly smoothens wrinkles by 0.001%, setting itself apart as a differentiating factor.

Merchandiser of the M6, French TV home shopping company, Wafa Bouzara, mentioned the immediate transformation known as the ’30-second magic’ as the reason for the continuous success streak and the selection of the new bestseller.

Recently, the newly upgraded Nine Tails Advanced Line Lift Serum has been created a unique recipe that includes key ingredients such as collagen-coated speculum permeated into the skin quickly, 20’S exosome PDRN, hydrolyzed collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, and other best ingredients for the skin epidermis layer. This innovation allows the serum to act into the skin more quickly.

The results showed that the previous 90-second wrinkles care and lifting time were reduced into 30 seconds, and the lifting effect became stronger.

With a more powerful lifting effect, immediate changes were proven through clinical trials on 27 items including forehead wrinkles, eye areas, under-eye sagging, smile lines, deep wrinkles, elasticity, and hydration. Not only immediate changes but also improved effects after 4 weeks of use were demonstrated. The sagging skin on the neck improved by 138% in just 4 weeks, elasticity improved by 363%, and hydration improved by 449%, as confirmed by clinical results.

Along with wrinkle care effects, this 5-in-1 serum provides five effects at once: lifting, hydration, elasticity, and soothing. The convenience use is the strong point of this product. Applying only this wrinkle serum after cleansing in the evening sleeping time, anyone can easily care for their skin at home.

Western peoples have thinner skin compared to Asians, caused to faster aging and more wrinkles. Therefore, special care of anti-aging skin is inevitable. It is said that using Nine Tails Serum for lifting skin results in even more dramatic effects

The Beauty industry is paying attention because the efficacy of Nine Tails meets the needs of the US market, which is Nine Tails’ next goal in 2023, following their expansion in France.

Nine Tails, making history with the first-ever broadcast of Korean beauty products on the world-renowned French home shopping network, achieving sellouts and becoming a new bestseller while also breaking records in sales in Japan, has set its sights on entering the US market in 2023.

Nine Tails is planning a full-scale launch through online and offline channels, starting with brand advertisements in the heart of American fashion and beauty, New York Times Square in the Manhattan.

Combining solutions for both immediate and long-term changes addressing both wrinkles care and lifting skin, Nine Tails’ Advanced Line Lift Serum has garnered attention not only as a hit brand in the European market but also how it will expand itself as a global brand.

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