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Why Chilean Women Love HOUSBRUG: Ranked first in the “Best Nutritional Beverage for Women in Chile” in 2017

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Why Chilean Women Love HOUSBRUG: Ranked first in the “Best Nutritional Beverage for Women in Chile” in 2017

October 27
18:45 2023

At the end of South America, there is a beautiful country – Chile, which not only has the world’s richest copper resources, but also abounds in beautiful women who love life. The extremely high status of women has made this place known as a women’s paradise by the global media, and along with the affluent life, there is a highly competitive and prosperous market for women’s care products.

One of the largest functional beverage brands in the southern hemisphere, called HOUSBRUG, has become the most frequently chosen female nutritional beverage brand by women here, occupying almost all mainstream pharmacies and supermarkets in the region. The secret that makes this brand stand out is the use of life science technology to explore the healing power hidden in plants.

In 2017, the Chilean National Beverage Association, together with nine mainstream media and social platforms, including Chilean national television, conducted a selection of the most popular consumer brands among women. In the functional beverage category, five well-known brands among the local people stood out from the rest and were awarded the title of the Best Nutritional Beverage for Women in Chile, among which HOUSBRUG won the first place with an overwhelming advantage, leading the second place by more than three times the number of votes.

In fact, the popularity of HOUSBRUG in Chile can be attributed to the optimistic and free attitude of local women. As a country sitting on copper mines, local women in Chile generally have higher incomes, and their open attitude towards marriage and love also allows them to focus on enjoying life without worrying about trivial matters. How to retain their youth and how to become more beautiful has become one of the most concerned issues for local women.

Among many functional beverage brands, the reason why HOUSBRUG is unique lies first of all in its well-established product system. It is reported that HOUSBRUG has customized a wide range of products for women, including anti-alcoholism beverage, collagen drinks, collagen beverages, anti-glycation beverages, whitening functional beverages, probiotic functional beverages, fat-burning beverages, which almost meet all the needs of women for functional beverages. A lot of women have become fans of the whole brand due to purchasing a certain product from HOUSBRUG. Secondly, compared with other competitors with OEM as the main mode, HOUSBRUG has the research and development strength that is beyond the reach of its peers. It has not only contracted dozens of globally renowned life sciences experts, set up its own scientists’ workstations, and held a number of breakthrough patents in the industry, but also leads the way in plant extraction technology.

It is reported that experts from the HOUSBRUG R&D center have extracted plant extracts and re-integrated them through cutting-edge technology to form highly effective active ingredients to create a unique HOUSBRUG product, whose efficacy and safety have been verified by multiple clinical tests. Making natural, safe and scientific become the brand’s label.

The reporter learned that not only in Chile, at present, in Argentina, Peru, Brazil and other South American markets, HOUSBRUG is hugely popular in the local market, becoming one of the hottest functional beverage brands.

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