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Award-Winning Author Maylee Curtis Releases “Scattered Hallways,” a Poetic Journey Through Heartbreak and Healing

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Award-Winning Author Maylee Curtis Releases “Scattered Hallways,” a Poetic Journey Through Heartbreak and Healing

October 27
01:57 2023
Award-Winning Author Maylee Curtis Releases "Scattered Hallways," a Poetic Journey Through Heartbreak and Healing
Award-winning author Maylee Curtis, acclaimed for her best-selling book “Burnt Matches,” unveils “Scattered Hallways,” a poignant collection of 73 poems about heartbreak and healing. Available now on Amazon and other platforms, with a companion clothing line inspired by her verses.

After her sweeping success with the best-selling and Literary Titan Book Award-winning “Burnt Matches,” Maylee Curtis is back with a soul-stirring anthology of poems titled “Scattered Hallways.”

Delving deep into the intricacies of heartbreak, loss, and the subsequent journey toward healing, “Scattered Hallways” is a collection of 73 carefully crafted poems. Curtis aims to provide solace to readers navigating the tumultuous waters of love and loss. The anthology chronicles the various stages one undergoes while moving on from a relationship, ensuring that readers find resonance and solace in each verse.

Navigating heartbreak’s maze, one poem at a time.

Maylee Curtis is no stranger to the world of heartfelt prose. Having woven emotions into words since 2016, her dedication to the craft has garnered acclaim and a dedicated readership. “Scattered Hallways” further strengthens her legacy as a poet of depth and sincerity. She once said, “For me, writing is not just an art—it’s therapy.” With this anthology, Curtis extends that therapeutic experience to her readers, aiming to offer comfort to those grappling with the pain of heartbreak.

Outside her poetic endeavors, Curtis leads a life of valor and duty, serving in the United States Army. Epitomizing the unique blend of a warrior and poet, she continues to strike a balance between her military responsibilities and her passion for writing. Maylee Curtis is a testament to the multifaceted nature of talent and dedication.

Verse by verse, healing heartbreak’s curse.

Readers and fans can find “Scattered Hallways” on Amazon, other book platforms, and even get a touch of Curtis’s poetic aesthetic through her clothing line based on her poems. To stay connected and experience more of her emotive writing, one can follow Maylee Curtis on her Instagram, where she boasts a following of 30,000 fans.

About the Book

In the labyrinth of emotions that love leaves behind, “Scattered Hallways” shines a gentle light on the path to healing. Through 73 evocative poems, Maylee Curtis captures the raw essence of heartbreak, the fragile steps toward acceptance, and the triumphant resurgence of self. Every verse resonates with the silent whispers of souls mending from the aftershocks of love lost. As both an accomplished poet and a U.S. Army servicewoman, Curtis weaves strength with vulnerability, offering a poetic sanctuary for those journeying through the stages of moving on. Dive into this heartfelt anthology and find solace, understanding, and the comforting embrace of shared experiences. Your passage to closure and rediscovery awaits.

About the Author

Maylee Curtis, the award-winning author of “Burnt Matches” and “Scattered Hallways,” has been enchanting readers with her poignant verses since 2016. With themes centered around heartbreak and the exhilarating sensation of falling in love, her works are both a mirror to the soul and a balm to the heart. In addition to her literary achievements, Curtis serves valiantly in the United States Army. She flawlessly exemplifies that one can indeed be both a warrior on the battlefield and a poet on the page.

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