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New Town: A Great Book To Read on Amazon

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New Town: A Great Book To Read on Amazon

October 17
23:45 2023
New Town: A Great Book To Read on Amazon

17 Oct, 2023 – Susan Goldbeck, in this new novel, invites readers to saddle up and ride back in time and explore the rich history of San Diego at the turn of the last century. This captivating work of historical fiction is the first of its kind, and it is a story that just had to be told.

The author skillfully weaves together real events, historical figures and absorbing, often amusing fictional characters, to produce a thoroughly engaging narrative you won’t be able to put down.  It is an entertaining blend of history, humor, and a bit of romance. It’s a book that not only entertains but educates; shedding light on the transformation of San Diego from a dusty western town to a modern metropolis on the world stage.

New Town” is a tale told by its lead character, Mary Kate Riley, a rare San Diego native, who is a feisty newspaper reporter who is coming of age herself. She grew up at a time when horses and buggies filled the dusty streets of the town and where Wyatt Earp owned four saloons just up the hill from her house, to covering, at the dawn of the twentieth century, news of a thriving, modern city, rapidly shedding its Wild West skin.

Her beat is the women’s section of the paper which brings her in touch with .the influential women who contributed to the rise of San Diego, and are mostly unknown and unrecognized for their efforts: Katherine Tingley, Lydia Horton, Charlotte Baker and Clara Shortridge Foltz, to name a few. Mary Kate tells their story with appreciation of the hurdles these women faced and as a women reporter working in a man’s profession; she does so with empathy and humor.

Mary Kate is thrust into covering the trial of the century Katherine Tingley vs. Los Angeles Times Mirror, one woman among some twenty reporters from all over the country.  You will meet the two larger than life figures in this trial, each a titan of these arch- rival communities: San Diego and Los Angeles. The case is a libel action brought by Katherine Tingley, called  the founder of New Age, she is the leader of the fantastic Point Loma Experiment, Lomaland, which was at the center of the controversy. Harrison Otis  is the powerful owner of the Los Angeles Times. “Mr. Los Angeles,” as some called him, makes a worthy, colorful adversary.

Lomaland, perhaps the most successful utopian community ever, was a leading cultural and educational center of the entire region for decades. During the trial, Mary Kate develops a relationship with Katherine Tingley who she considers a kindred spirit.

Take this opportunity to travels to San Diego at the turn of the last century and learn just how this wonderful city came of age while meeting remarkable individuals who made that happen. “New Town” is a must-buy and is suited for young adults and above, and is available now on Amazon.

Book Name: New Town: San Diego Comes Of Age
Author Name: Susan Goldbeck
ISBN Number: 978-1088256961
HardCover Version: Click Here
Paperback Version: Click Here

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