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2023 Tech G | BAK Battery Launches Its First Semi-solid Battery Product

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2023 Tech G | BAK Battery Launches Its First Semi-solid Battery Product

October 17
09:30 2023

On October 12, Shenzhen BAK Power Battery Co., Ltd. (“BAK Battery”) first unveiled its semi-solid lithium battery series, featuring high energy density, long cycle life, and high safety. It is reported that the BAK Battery’s semi-solid batteries will soon be applied in explosion-proof mobile communication devices, as they have been proved through rigorous tests to not leak electricity in case of short circuits or ignite when punctured by sharp objects.

BAK Battery’s New Semi-solid Batteries Debut at Tech G

Solid-state batteries can be categorized into semi-solid, quasi-solid, and all-solid types. They have broad application prospects in fields such as mobile devices, wearable devices, electric vehicles, and more, thus making them a hot topic in the new energy industry.

With cutting-edge technology and extensive R&D experience, BAK Battery has made continuous investments and breakthroughs in the solid-state battery sector. “After evaluating various primary and auxiliary materials both at home and abroad, BAK started to build its own resource pool. Relying on the accumulated R&D of high-nickel cathodes, high-silicon anodes, and electrolyte additives, BAK has established a material matching system with an energy density ranging from 290-360Wh/kg.” Liu Zhibo, Vice President of BAK Battery, stated that the company has developed electrolytes for semi-solid batteries and in-situ solidification technology. Furthermore, with the success of the mixing and coating of the cathode and anode with solid-state electrolytes, the ion transport and interface between the cathode and anode have been effectively optimized. These batteries have passed the 3mΩ short circuit test and the 3mm needle puncture test, thus demonstrating their excellent safety performance.

Based on these cutting-edge technological advancements, BAK Battery has initiated collaborations with internationally renowned suppliers of explosion-proof mobile communication devices. Subsequently, the new solid-state battery products will soon be integrated into products in industries like mining and military communications, delivering exemplary “explosion-proof batteries” as part of comprehensive explosion-proof safety solutions. Liu Zhibo expressed a lot of confidence in the development of the solid-state battery business, adding, “As BAK Battery’s semi-solid batteries continue to evolve, their applications will extend to various fields, including professional and consumer-level drones, two-wheeled vehicles, new energy vehicle, energy storage, and more. The planned production capacity is set to exceed 12GWh.”

The launch of BAK Battery’s semi-solid batteries will not only lay a solid foundation for continuous technical breakthroughs and the transition to quasi-solid-state and all-solid-state battery production but will also broaden the applications of solid-state batteries. In addition, such batteries will serve as an important force in propelling the advancement of China’s solid-state battery technology and market development, further promoting the collaborative growth of the industrial chain.

About BAK

Established in 2001 in Shenzhen, BAK’s product include power, digital and energy storage battery cells, battery pack and battery solution etc., mainly applied to the domains like new energy vehicles, intelligent terminal products and energy storage system.

BAK based in China with global visions, to construct a global layout, committed to becoming a Chinese national enterprise with a “Responsible Spirit” and industry leader of global lithium eco-chains.

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