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How To Correct Errors On US Visa Application

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How To Correct Errors On US Visa Application

October 17
04:02 2023


Here are some steps to apply for a US visa online:

  • Additionally, select Create a new application.
  • Choose whether you want a group visa or an individual visa.
  • After carefully reading the terms & conditions, click Next.
  • Fill out the form and upload your passport to apply for a US visa online.
  • Upload the supporting papers you need.
  • Pay the processing fee for your visa.
  • Finally, your online US visa application is finished. Please wait while we confirm your visa.

Eligibility Criteria for US Visa

  • The applicant must have a passport that is valid for a period of at least 6 months from the period of entering the United States.
  • The applicant must not have any prior criminal cases or any ongoing cases against them.
  • The applicant will need to have letter of acceptance from any university in which they wish to study or letter of confirmation by an employer if the visit is of a business nature.
  • Applicants must have return tickets to show they intend on leaving the United States according to the dates they have mentioned and validate the duration of stay.
  • Applicants should show strong ties to resident country to offset chances of illegal immigration.
  • Dependents or spouses traveling with the applicants will need to have separate visa applications.


You must fill out State Department Form DS-160 online when applying for a non-immigrant (temporary) visa to the United States, such as a visitor visa. You will then print it. What if you go to the website and realize you misspelled your own name or reversed your birthday numbers? There does not appear to be a method to redo the form. There is, however, no need to panic. Although a previously submitted DS-160 cannot be changed, you can submit a new, updated DS-160 online, print the new confirmation page, and bring it to your consulate or embassy interview. A wrong birth date or name is considered a severe error, while certain small errors may be irrelevant to your application. Still, if at all feasible, file a rectified DS-160 before going to the consular interview.

Making Changes If You Filed Form DS-160 Within the Last 30 Days

Dealing with the error can be easier than you think. To begin, determine how many days have passed since you submitted your initial application. If it is less than 30 days, return to the Consular Electronic Application Centre (CEAC) online page for the DS-160. Then, choose “Retrieve an Application.” You should have noted the application ID number from the DS-160 you submitted earlier since you’ll need it to complete the box. Then, on the following screen, press the Retrieve Application button. Choose “Create an Application” from the dialog box that appears. You must first answer the security questions before you can return to your form. After logging in, make any required changes before electronically signing and submitting the application. You will be given a new confirmation and bar code, which you must print and bring to your interview.

Making Changes If You Filed Form DS-160 More Than 30 Days Ago

If you stored the application on your computer or any storage media more than 30 days after submitting it with the error, you can upload it back into CEAC. Return to the CEAC website and click the DS-160, Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application, drop-down menu, followed by the “Upload an Application” button. After selecting the location of your saved file, click the Upload Data option. Save and submit the amended application once you’ve completed making changes. A new confirmation and bar code will be provided to you. If you did not save your initial application and it has been more than 30 days after you filed it, you must start over. Return to the CEAC website and complete a new DS-160. This new application’s confirmation page should be printed.


A visa is necessary for either temporary or permanent entry into and residence within a foreign country. While planning a trip to America, people from different countries can apply for a variety of visas. America offers a wide range of visas that let people from all over the world come to the nation to visit, work, or reside. The Visa Waiver Programme (VWP) offers visa exemptions for citizens of a few countries. In the United States of America, a variety of visa types and subcategories are available. Depending on your needs and the length of your stay, different visas are needed. People from about 40 countries are able to travel to the US for up to 90 days on business or vacation thanks to the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). You must apply for a B1 business visa or a B2 tourist visa if you intend to stay in the United States for more than 90 days. Candidates who are eligible for VWP must apply for ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization). The United States of America has a strict visa application process. The first requirement for entry into the United States is a visa. Non-immigrant visas are the most commonly requested type of visa in the United States. Perhaps you feel compelled to visit the United States for various reasons. The United States issues a very small number of immigrant visas that allow foreigners to travel abroad permanently.


Here are some steps to apply for a US visa online:

  • Create a new application.
  • Choose whether you want a group visa or an individual visa.
  • After carefully reading the terms & conditions, click Next.
  • Get a digital photograph of each applicant.
  • Complete US visa application form DS160.
  • Fill out the form and upload your passport to apply for a US visa online.
  • Upload the supporting papers you need.
  • Pay the US visa application fee.
  • Take appointment for visa interview.
  • US Visa Fingerprinting at Visa Application Center (VAC).
  • Go for visa interview at designated US consulate.
  • Finally, your online US visa application is finished. Please wait while we confirm your visa.


  • Valid passport: The passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of the traveler’s arrival in the United States. If it is expired, renew it before applying for the ESTA.
  • E-mail address: Applicants must provide a valid e-mail address in order for the authorities to contact them about their application. The ESTA approval for the journey to the United States will arrive through email within 72 hours. While traveling, it is recommended that you print a copy of the document.
  • Visa payment: Visa fees can be paid using a debit or credit card.


You can stay in the United States for up to six months on a tourist visa. If you want to stay longer, you must request an extension. You can apply for a visa renewal if your visa to the United States has expired. You will be granted the same type of US visa if you continue to meet the requirements. You must have a legitimate cause to stay longer, such as extending your vacation, visiting family or friends, or attending a business or conference.

Applying for US Visa Renewal

The process of renewing a US visa is almost identical to the application process. You must do the following:

  • Obtain and complete Form I-539, which is the Application to Extend/Change Non-immigrant Status. This form is used for various types of non-immigrant visas, including tourist visas (B-2) and business visas (B-1).
  • Gather the necessary supporting documents, such as a valid passport, current visa, proof of financial support, and any additional documents required based on your specific visa category.
  • Submit the completed Form I-539 and supporting documents to the USCIS. The filing can typically be done by mail.
  • Pay the US Visa Renewal Fee.
  • In some cases, USCIS may require you to appear for a biometrics appointment to provide your fingerprints, photograph, and signature.
  • Schedule an interview appointment at the US Embassy/Consulate.
  • Enter the visa renewal interview.

You must visit the US embassy and meet with a visa officer after submitting your visa renewal application. They will inquire about your travel, the purpose of your visa application, and other personal details such as your salary and relationships. They will ask you any question that will assist them in making a judgment. The time it takes to process a US visa varies depending on the type of visa you apply for. It could take from a few days to several months.

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