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Enchanting New Children’s Book “You Are No Dragon” by Emily Mahon Sparks Imagination and Empowerment

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Enchanting New Children’s Book “You Are No Dragon” by Emily Mahon Sparks Imagination and Empowerment

October 17
04:15 2023
Enchanting New Children's Book "You Are No Dragon" by Emily Mahon Sparks Imagination and Empowerment

16 Oct, 2023 – A captivating journey awaits young readers and their families as author Emily Mahon unveils her enchanting new children’s book, “You Are No Dragon.” This heartwarming tale, infused with the magic of Norse mythology, is set to inspire children aged 4 to 10 and their parents, fostering creativity, empathy, and the power of unconditional love.

A Modern Twist on Norse Mythology:

You Are No Dragon” is a modern-day reimagining of Norse mythology, a rich tapestry of legends that have captivated hearts for centuries. In this book, Mahon brings the characters of Freya and Iduna to life in a way that is relatable and empowering for today’s young readers.


The story revolves around Freya, a goddess masquerading as an angry dragon, and Iduna, a Norse goddess of eternal youthfulness. Through their friendship, readers witness a tale of transformation and rebirth. The book delves into themes of self-discovery, friendship, and embracing one’s true self. As children follow Freya’s journey from dragon to goddess, they are encouraged to believe in their own potential and the magic that resides within them.

Positive Transformation Through Unconditional Love:

At its core, “You Are No Dragon” is a story about the power of unconditional love and its ability to catalyze positive transformation. The bond between Freya and Iduna is a shining example of how genuine connections can help individuals shed their limiting beliefs and step into their true potential.

Inspiring Creativity and Imagination:

This enchanting tale also sparks imagination and creativity in young minds. As readers immerse themselves in the world of Freya and Iduna, they are transported to a realm where imagination knows no bounds. The vivid descriptions and magical elements in the book encourage children to dream big and explore the limitless possibilities of their creativity.

Nurturing Empathy and Acceptance:

Through the characters’ journeys, “You Are No Dragon” nurtures empathy and acceptance. It teaches young readers the importance of understanding and accepting others for who they are. The book’s valuable life lessons are seamlessly woven into an engaging narrative that leaves a lasting impact.

Perfect for Parents and Children:

You Are No Dragon” is not only an enchanting read for children but also a heartwarming experience for parents and caregivers. It provides an opportunity for bonding and meaningful discussions about friendship, self-discovery, and the beauty of embracing one’s true self.

About the Author:

Emily Mahon, the creative mind behind “You Are No Dragon,” holds a degree in Music and Vocal Performance. She resides in Boise, Idaho, with her husband and two children, where she actively engages with her community, supporting the arts, humanities, and sciences. Mahon’s passion for inspiring others to see and experience the world in new and fantastic ways shines through in her debut book.


You Are No Dragon” by Emily Mahon is available now in bookstores and online retailers. To embark on this enchanting journey of transformation and empowerment, purchase your copy today.

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