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Pioneer New Material Y-Warm in PERFORMANCE DAYS Shanghai

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Pioneer New Material Y-Warm in PERFORMANCE DAYS Shanghai

October 17
03:48 2023

On October 16 and 17, 2023, Exhibition Performance Days was held in Shanghai. More than 1,000 kinds of materials with cutting-edge technology from 232 companies worldwide were exhibited at this fair. Among them, a new porous thermal insulation material Y-Warm became the focus of the exhibition due to its revolutionary performance.

Y-Warm processes a pore thickness of 20-280 nanometers, pore diameter 30-190 microns, closed pore rate above 95% and void rate above 96% (substrate is subtracted). These unique properties lead to an extremely low thermal conductivity. When this material is applied between the fabric and lining of the garment, an insulation is formed so that the heat conduction from cold air outside to human body is dramatically slowed down. The end effect of this insulation layer formed by Y-Warm would be the dramatic decrease of heat loss from the human body.

The dream of warm-keeping in winter with light garments can be realized in perfect unity through Y-Warm.Different from the fluffy insulation of down and synthetic fibre, Y-Warm offers a new concept of warm-keeping for winter fashion. From the appearance of Y-Warm, it is like a special kind of fabric with great tactile properties but lighter weight and smaller volume.

According to the inventor of Y-Warm, Feipeng Zhong from Beijing Matrix Technologies Co., Ltd., after putting Y-Warm in an experimental box at -60 °C for a week, the tactile property stays stable and warm. If this material is soaked until several times of the original weight, it can still float on water. Other properties, such as moisture-permeability, antimicrobial and quick-drying, make this material ideal. Y-Warm is committed to the Human-Animal Coexistence and sustainability. After 8 years’research, the R&D team in Beijing Matrix Technologies Co., Ltd. has overcome the technical challenges and has made this material shine in the application. Application of new material Y-Warm can lead to a new generation of products. William Zhu, Manager of Weihai BETTEX International Trading Co., LTD., commented: the market needs from winter clothing is not only warm keeping, but also more fashionable and more comfortable.

The application of Y-Warm has integrated into performance into design and fashion. A variety of winter garments applied with Y-Warm is presented In PERFORMANCE DAYS and brought to public’s attention. This new product, which is a perfect combination of technology and fashion, will bring consumers a brand-new experience of winter fashion.

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