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LifePO4 Lithium Batteries: The Safer, More Efficient, and Longer-Lasting Alternative to Lead Acid Batteries

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LifePO4 Lithium Batteries: The Safer, More Efficient, and Longer-Lasting Alternative to Lead Acid Batteries

October 16
15:12 2023

The choice between lithium and lead-acid batteries has always been contentious in the dynamic realm of power storage and backup. Both offer certain advantages, but they are not created equal. For instance, while lithium batteries are renowned for their efficiency and longevity, they possess unique charging requirements. Using them with inverters designed for lead-acid batteries can severely compromise their lifespan and even present safety concerns, including fire or explosions. However, specialized lithium batteries are available with built-in battery management systems (BMSs) compatible with lead-acid setups.

Su-vastika Lithium Batteries: Powering the Future

Today’s fast-paced world demands cutting-edge solutions, especially when it comes to energy storage and backup power. Su-vastika’s Lithium Batteries provide an innovative and superior alternative to traditional lead-acid batteries, catering to these exact demands. 

Here’s a deep dive into why Su-vastika’s lithium batteries are a game-changer in the battery industry:

Optimized Charging and Lifespan

Charging techniques vary between lithium and lead-acid batteries, with the latter not always conducive to the lifespan for which a lithium battery is designed. Su-vastika’s Lithium battery integrates a patented technology BMS (Battery Management System) that regulates charging in line with lithium requirements. This enhancement guarantees a robust 10-year lifespan, ensuring users receive maximum value from their investment.

Sleep Mode Innovation

A unique challenge with lithium batteries, particularly those of 12V and 24V, is the built-in BMS, which continuously discharges the battery. Keeping these batteries in storage for extended periods may result in deep discharge. Su-vastika innovatively designed their BMS to enter sleep mode during low battery conditions. This prevents excessive power drainage and deep discharge, maintaining the battery’s efficiency and life.


Eco-Friendly and Safe

Environmental consciousness is paramount, and Su-vastika’s Lithium Batteries echo this sentiment. Unlike tubular batteries emitting hazardous lead fumes, Su-vastika’s batteries are completely sealed and safe, emitting no harmful fumes. This safeguard ensures the well-being of families, especially the young and elderly.

Portability and Maintenance-Free

Weighing a mere 8 Kgs in comparison to the hefty 62 Kgs of a 150Ah tubular battery, Su-vastika’s battery boasts impressive portability. The cumbersome process of transporting, installing, or replacing tubular batteries is thus eliminated. Additionally, the lithium battery comes housed in a sleek metal box that harmoniously integrates with existing inverters. Say goodbye to bulky trolleys, constant water refilling, and frequent maintenance.

Efficient Charging and Backup

In an era where time is money, the faster charging capabilities of Su-vastika’s lithium batteries are a boon. While conventional inverters take about 15 hours to charge a tubular battery, Su-vastika’s lithium alternative requires only 4 to 5 hours. Moreover, the battery’s backup capabilities are exceptional, consistently outperforming tubular counterparts.

Compact Size and High Energy Density

Space constraints are real, and Su-vastika’s lithium batteries address this issue with their compact design. Additionally, they possess a significantly higher energy density compared to lead-acid batteries. This translates to more stored energy in a smaller, lighter package – an invaluable advantage in applications where space and weight matter.

Diverse Applications

Su-vastika’s lithium batteries are versatile, catering to a myriad of applications from mobile phones and laptops to Inverter/UPS and solar power systems. Their size, weight, lifespan, and quick charging capabilities make them the preferred choice for contemporary needs.


Lithium-ion batteries are revolutionizing the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) landscape. Historically dominated by Valve-Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries, which typically require replacement every 3 to 5 years, lithium-ion batteries promise a longer lifespan, spanning 10 to 15 years. Eaton, a forerunner in this innovation, has tested and successfully deployed lithium-ion batteries in various data centers for two years. Their product range now includes models compatible with renowned battery manufacturers like LG Chem and Samsung. 

The primary advantages of transitioning to lithium-ion UPS batteries include:

  • A notably extended service life.
  • Higher charge/discharge cycle counts.
  • Reduced weight.
  • A minimized footprint.

Such benefits align well with IT infrastructures, offering a simplified maintenance process and compatibility with most IT stack refresh cycles.

Moreover, while lithium batteries historically have been linked to thermal events, in UPS configurations, the presence of a Battery Management System (BMS) makes them safer and less prone to overheating. This safety enhancement is due to the BMS’s ability to regulate charge rate, voltage, and temperature. On the cost front, lithium-ion batteries may be pricier than their VRLA counterparts, but the benefits, such as reduced shipping and service costs, can offset the initial investment. As for compatibility with solar systems, Eaton anticipates that their lithium-ion UPSs will be adaptable to setups integrated with solar PV systems for emergency power.

Su-vastika’s Lithium Batteries aren’t just batteries; they’re a testament to innovation and the future of energy storage. They resonate with the needs of today’s world, offering superior performance, eco-friendly features, and unparalleled convenience. Whether it’s for your home, office, or any other application, making the switch to Su-vastika’s Lithium Batteries promises a brighter, uninterrupted future.

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