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Bat Allison – Grammy’s Pick & A Call For Social Change 

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Bat Allison – Grammy’s Pick & A Call For Social Change 

September 15
22:30 2023
The alternative punk rock trio wraps up their tour with great news from the Grammys, Austin film festival and new single release.

Bat Allison, one of the most unique alternative punk rock bands to come out of San Antonio Texas, has wrapped up their summer tour in what could be considered the band’s best moment yet with a show stopping performance at Rocklahoma Rock Fest supporting bands like Limp Bizkit, Bush, Rob Zombie, The Hu and Ministry among others.


Their amazing performance at the legendary rock festival happened at a wonderful moment for the band as at the same time Bat Allison’s debut album, “Battle Scars”, has been announced as up for consideration at 66th Grammy Awards for “Best Rock Album”, “Best Alternative Album” categories, and for “Best Song for Social Change”. Bat Allison recently announced this on Facebook. The album has been praised with gathered great reviews from critics both nationally and abroad. 

“Battle Scars” is a testament to Bat Allison’s growth as a band and their commitment to pushing the boundaries of their genre. Each track on the album is expertly crafted, with memorable melodies, powerful lyrics, and top-notch musicianship.” Wrote Jenny Clancy from Lost In The Nordics online music magazine. While Bored City Magazine’s Fresh Finds wrote: “Battle Scars” is not just an album; it’s an odyssey of sound and emotion that encapsulates the essence of the human experience in all its complexities. With this album, Bat Allison solidifies their position as pioneers of an innovative and daring musical movement”.

Stream “Battle Scars”.

“We are beyond honored to be considered for a Grammy nomination. It really is like a dream come true!” Says Lynette, vocalist and bassist of  the band about the Grammy consideration news. Together with this acknowledgement the music video for their single “I’ve Become” has been chosen as Official Selection at Austin Under The Stars Film Festival.


The Bat Allison song nominated for “Best Song for Social Change”, titled “Love Hate”, deals with the frustration of the current state of the world and the loss of empathy. “To me it is upsetting that in this day and age there are still such atrocities that take place. I ask myself from time to time, is it getting better, are we strong enough to make the world a better place and treat each other with dignity? or is the world descending a downward spiral?” – Lynette added. It is a call to action to make a change and not just sit silent while injustices continue to occur. 

The music video for “Love Hate” has been considered for selection towards awards on best video at Milan Gold Awards, LA Independent Women Film Awards, 8 & Halfilm Awards, Hollywood on the Tiber Film Awards, winning best video at Silk Road Film Awards Cannes and Bright International Film Festival, and nominated at several other film festivals worldwide ranging from The Kansas Arthouse Festival to Tokyo Shorts and the Hong Kong Indie Film Fest among others.

Watch Bat Allison’s videos here.

With a strong growing following and great fans that fuels Bat Allison’s tireless energy, positivity and drive are closing the year with the release of their album’s ninth single, “Coffee Shop”, and a set of fall/winter tour dates to close the year hard rocking the only way Bat Allison does.


Inspired and soaked in 70s punk vibes and peppered with 80s punk and rock influences Bat Allison  Formed in 2019. The band released their first EP, The Lizard Lounge Sessions, in 2020.  During 2021, they released 5 singles which became the preview of their recently released debut album in 2023. 

Visit their website.

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