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WHITEWORTH Social Delivers Game Changing Solution for Gym Owners

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WHITEWORTH Social Delivers Game Changing Solution for Gym Owners

September 12
09:43 2023
Whiteworth provides qualified appointments to North American and UK gyms on demand. Whiteworth uses its highly optimized and battle tested systems to drive traffic through their qualification funnels for leads to convert into appointments that get booked directly into the gym’s booking system on autopilot. Add 20 extra appointments to the bottom line every single month on autopilot on a zero-risk basis while saving time to do more outside of running a gym with Whiteworth Social.

Whiteworth Social is proud to announce its new approach to generating members from online leads for their clients. With a focus on delivering highly intentful, qualified, motivated prospects to convert into members. Whiteworth Social’s approach is revolutionising the way gyms convert regular online traffic to members. 

“We are excited to be able to offer a revolutionised service that helps our clients acquire members from multiple different sources in a way that most other companies won’t ever have even thought of” says Samuel Whiteman,  Co-Founder of Whiteworth Social. “Our platform is easy to use and provides qualified, highly intentful online leads, making it the perfect solution for any gym which has the capacity to take on a surplus of members” says William Howorth, Co-Founder of Whiteworth Social.

Unlike most companies, Whiteworth social delivers 100% real, highly intentful, and highly qualified members in the gyms exact area with 100% exclusivity. The gym will get added to Whiteworth Social’s CRM where they can track ROI and talk to leads to start the sales process. 

Samuel talks about the issue of lead quality that most gyms have to deal with when they work with most companies in the space. “The problem with typical online leads is that about 99% of them end up not being motivated with intent to change how they look, most companies will have it set up in a way where they collect leads via Facebook and Instagram ads with a low intent lead form and will then either send them directly to the gym or will have an assistant from Philippines, India, etc. attempt to call up the leads and try to ‘qualify’ them but the leads almost always still end up being unqualified, and low intent,” says Samuel. “We used to have it set up that way but decided to switch to a completely different, more optimized process and after we changed our system, we are surpassing our competition by far and standing out in the industry.”  Whiteworth Social’s platform utilises advanced interactive sales funnels and battle-tested digital marketing strategies to identify the most qualified and intentful leads that surpass industry standards. With a focus on providing highly intentful and qualified soon-to-buy leads to the gym, Whiteworth provides a valuable service for any gym who has the capacity and is willing to take on new members.

In addition to its listing acquisition services, Whiteworth also offers a range of tools and resources to help their clients succeed with converting online leads to improve their career as a fitness and business professional. With the addition of sales scripts and bonuses, Whiteworth Social has everything their clients need to increase the conversion rate of the appointments that are generated for them. Their team is dedicated to helping their clients optimise and improve their online seller lead conversion to maximize the number of prospects they can close every single month. 

To learn more about Whiteworth Social and it’s member acquisition services visit:

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