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Tea Brand Herbaly Launches New Capsules, Liquid Extracts, Topicals, Sweeteners, and More

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Tea Brand Herbaly Launches New Capsules, Liquid Extracts, Topicals, Sweeteners, and More

September 12
05:04 2023
Tea Brand Herbaly Launches New Capsules, Liquid Extracts, Topicals, Sweeteners, and More
This company is changing people’s tea experience with delicious solutions to various health concerns. With continuous growth, the brand makes way for more products.

Teas are great sources of antioxidants, however, many people find some tea brands bitter or lacking in taste. Herbaly, a brand specializing in flavorful health solutions, created a line of delicious tea concoctions ideal for people who are looking for products that promote health without sacrificing taste.

Herbaly’s products include teas for wellness, heart and skin health, glucose and mood management, as well as detoxification. Ingredients of these tea packs, or health kits, include superfoods, mushrooms, botanical extracts, and bioactive compounds combined by the company’s research teams.

“Our research teams put together the most complete health kits on the market based on the latest research. At Herbaly, we believe that synergetic functional ingredients are the future of nutrition. We fuse together science and delicious herbal remedies that are proven to promote optimum health,” said the company’s spokesperson.

Recently, the brand launched its new capsules, liquid extracts, topicals, sweeteners, and more, as a testimony of its growing success in the country. In the tea market, Herbaly has also been known to offer double the herbs per tea bag in compostable sachets. The company stands out with its eco-conscious ethos, offering biodegradable plant-based pyramid tea bags, devoid of microplastics. This tea bag composition is perfect for eco-conscious individuals who are looking for environment-friendly products that align their advocacy with their lifestyle.

Feedback for Herbaly has completely endorsed the brand, its quality products, and its approach. Mary B., one of its customers from the US, said “I tried this on a lark to see if I could improve my glucose and/or blood pressure numbers. I was hesitant for fear I would be allergic to one of the ingredients. Nothing bothered my allergies and I was pleasantly surprised. My blood sugar numbers have improved (down 15 points) to normal or below, and I’ve dropped 7 lbs (another plus).”

Dr. Alicia McCubbins, a registered holistic nutritionist, also had positive feedback about the brand. “As a Nutritionist, there are a few key factors that I focus on when looking at a client’s overall well-being. Blood sugar balance, stress levels, and digestion are some of those major components. Herbaly’s Wellness Collection tea has incredible herbs and ingredients such as sencha, dandelion, tulsi, ginger, fennel, turmeric, and lavender, which makes this tea a powerhouse of well-being! Many of these ingredients truly are some of my favorite herbs.”

Many of Herbaly’s products are organic, GMO-free, and made in the USA. To browse, shop, and know more about Herbaly, visit 

About Herbaly

Herbaly is a premier health and wellness tea brand with health kit products that target various health concerns. Aside from promoting health, Herbaly’s products are also delicious, making them suitable for adults of all ages.

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