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Forme Launches Ergo Shorts Human Performance Wearables That Correct Posture, Enhance Biomechanics, and Boost Recovery

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Forme Launches Ergo Shorts Human Performance Wearables That Correct Posture, Enhance Biomechanics, and Boost Recovery

June 07
17:54 2023
Meet the new standard of human performance and self-care, driven by science. Forme, a human performance company that designs patented performance and recovery wearables to correct posture and related back disorders, announces the launch of its Ergo Shorts.

Forme takes transformative technology a step further after launching its performance wearables, designed to engage muscle memory to keep individuals aligned with less spinal pain while at the same time accelerating recovery. It is the only natural and sustainable solution to treat musculoskeletal disorders related to posture and weak spinal muscles.  

“Our FDA-registered wearables can help athletes and non-athletes alike feel instantly aligned, make their movements more efficient, and recover quicker so they can perform at their best,” said Dr. Stephen Liu, Chairman and Founder of Forme. “Our wearables have helped countless professional athletes and everyday consumers afflicted with back or musculoskeletal pain to recover and rehabilitate to optimal condition.”

The Forme’s Ergo (ergonomic) Short is engineered to keep the lower back in constant traction while tucking in the tummy with core activation and engaging spinal muscle memory to relieve the back stress-pain, naturally and sustainably. Forme’s patented correcting wearable technology helps individuals take charge and boost their everyday ergonomics, productivity, and performance.

“Forme is the first product that I’ve seen significant results when it comes to disorders of the hip, the SI joint, and the lower back,” said Dr. Michael Gerhardt, orthopedic surgeon and team physician for the U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team and the LA Galaxy. “The key technology encourages the hip joint to go into a neutral position, which will reduce stress to the joints and engage muscle memory to enhance recovery.”

The Ergo shorts feature a patented 5-inch triple mesh waistband inlay for core activation and spinal extension enabling dynamic back support. Additionally, it boosts joint biofeedback with an anti-pelvic tilt function. With biomechanics design at its core, the Forme Ergo Short can help reduce costs and trips to healthcare facilities, reduce pain, increase back strength, and boost productivity and performance.

“It is the most ideal biomechanically designed ergonomics undershorts on the market today,” said Dr. Liu, adding that users can wear them all day and all night just like their undershorts. 


“Pair them with our arch booster socks for the best lower body alignment, or pair them with the Forme core tee or ace tee for best total body alignment training and care,” Dr. Liu adds. 

About Forme

Forme is a science-driven, human performance company dedicated to elevating posture, performance, and recovery. Its mission is to build a foundation for a stronger body, better stamina, and less injury. The health benefits of a posture-perfect body have been well documented, and Forme has commercialized the only natural and sustainable solution to enrich these health benefits. 

Forme is about redefining users’ performance and standards of self-care and redefining the basic form of the wearer. People’s health, mood, mind, and appearance all rest on this foundation. Forme wants to fully enhance people’s lives so they can be their best selves. All products are made in the U.S., with a strong therapeutic focus.  

Individuals may check out and visit its Instagram page at and @get_in_forme and its YouTube channel at Forme Posture & Recovery.

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