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ESOGA Talks About Their Partnership with George Fox University and Chehalem Parks and Rec

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ESOGA Talks About Their Partnership with George Fox University and Chehalem Parks and Rec

June 01
23:21 2023

Youth can have fun and learn at the same time! 

Studies have shown that youth engaged in fun activities are better able to learn new skills and absorb knowledge. ESOGA (Esports & Online Gaming Association) is a national organization that helps youth learn new skills through esports and structured video game experiences. Their programs augment the ways children learn, expanding social and interpersonal skills, building confidence, and enabling them to absorb fundamental concepts of science, technology, engineering, and more.

ESOGA’s programs are especially effective for non-traditional student athletes. After school programs featuring video games are able to engage youth in team-oriented activities and provide prosocial environments that are inclusive for all. This further enables youth to gain confidence as team members and build positive relationships with their peers.  

To find out more about this new mode of learning, we decided to get together with the CEO of ESOGA to explore how this new partnership model will be used around the world to help more youth succeed.

  1. Please introduce yourself.

ANSWER: My name is Nate Parent, and I am the CEO of ESOGA (Esports & Online Gaming Association), an esports software and services start-up that is headquartered in Portland, OR.

  1. Can you explain what your company does?

ANSWER:  ESOGA partners with organizations to provide a complete package of services and software to support the development of esports and STEM programs for youth. Our programs include youth camps, afterschool programs, virtual leagues, and tournaments that emphasize positive environments enabling youth to learn, grow, and engage with their peers.

  1. You have said the partnership will deliver a series of pro-social gaming experiences and youth camps at GFU’s world-class esports arena where you will help design and manage recreational gaming experiences that incorporate STEM concepts, can you explain what you mean by that?

ANSWER:  We create programs and environments for youth to enjoy esports using family-friendly games such as Minecraft, Fall Guys, Rocket League, etc.  Our programs are structured to include STEM learning concepts as well as elements such as teamwork, communication, and critical thinking.

  1. How did the partnership with George Fox University and Chehalem Parks and Rec, come about? 

ANSWER:  We were introduced to Miles Dean, Head Coach for GFU’s Collegiate Esports Program and Varsity Teams, along with Matt Compton from the Chehalem Parks and Recreation District (CPRD). Together, we were able to expand the availability of youth programs for the local community and deliver on our shared missions to support youth.

  1. You have said the program will be hosted at GFU’s state-of-the-art facility in Newberg, why did you choose that location?

ANSWER:  The facility provides a complete and immersive experience for youth that they will not soon forget! Within GFU’s facility, youth receive access to professional-grade gaming PCs and get to enjoy esports at a collegiate level – opening new pathways through scholarships and future STEM careers.

  1. What age group are you aiming at, and how will they benefit?

ANSWER:  The age groups we serve are 8-12 and 13-17 year olds. Beyond the fun experiences we create, many of the benefits we see are increased development of 21st century skills, technological literacy, social skills – with additional  inclusivity for non-traditional student athletes that may otherwise miss out on the benefits that sports offer.

  1. When you look at gameplay, people associate it with just playing, and having fun, are you saying that you can learn new skills from gameplay?

ANSWER:  Absolutely.  The cognitive and behavioural benefits derived from properly structured and supervised gaming experiences can be quite significant.

  1. If someone struggles from mixing with people and lacks confidence will this help?

ANSWER:  Yes, we have seen some remarkable growth in youth who lack confidence and communication skills – even for those with learning disabilities or other challenges. In many ways, video games can be considered tools in how we teach, inspire, and engage youth for all kinds of demographics.

  1. Can you see this partnership being adopted in other countries?

ANSWER:  This type of partnership can certainly be duplicated and adopted across the US and in other countries.  Many local parks and recreation departments are adding esports as a complement to their existing youth activities and programs.


Founded in 2019, Esports and Online Gaming Association (ESOGA) provides structured youth and community esports programs. Providing both virtual and in-person programs, youth are empowered in positive ways to enjoy the video games they love with the safety and support of their community. Additional software and services are available for organizations seeking to provide esports programs for their own communities.

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