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Tree Service Pros Carmichael Safely Removes a Decaying Tree

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Tree Service Pros Carmichael Safely Removes a Decaying Tree

July 05
20:18 2022

Carmichael, California – A company that has always worked hard to ensure its clients are living in safe environments, Tree Service Pros Carmichael earlier today helped a homeowner get rid of a decaying tree. Using its advanced safety measures, the company ensured the risky tree was brought down safely.

The tree would have forced the family to spend a lot of money on repairs if it was not removed when it did,” said Sam, the homeowner whose tree had been decaying. “While the tree looked very healthy on the outside, the tree had been decaying from the inside for more than 6 months. The cause of the internal decay is still a mystery to the entire family.”

The homeowner reportedly started getting curious about the tree when he noticed ants climbing up the tree. He also noticed several types of fungus growing on the tree’s bark. This is when he decided to contact an arborist.

When the arborist inspected the tree and determined that it had been decaying for quite a long time,” said Sam, “he could not determine the cause of the decay. However, the family was not interested in knowing how the decay started. The goal was to get rid of the tree as soon as possible.”

The homeowner noted that he knew if he kept the tree around, at some point, the tree would break. This would result in wasting thousands of dollars on property repairs.

The 100+ foot tall white pine was standing just 10 feet from the main house,” said Sam. “If the tree was to break unexpectedly, its weight would have crushed a significant portion of the house. This damage would have cost the family a good amount of money to fix.”

The homeowner noted that the arborist he had called in was from Tree Service Pros Carmichael. Sam had reportedly been using the company’s services for as long as the company had existed—that is, for close to 25 years.

The family has always enjoyed the services offered by Tree Service Pros Carmichael,” said Sam. “The company has handled all types of tree maintenance procedures—from tree removal and tree trimming to tree pruning and emergency tree services. With each procedure the company handled, the family was always left fully satisfied.”

To see how Tree Service Pros Carmichael satisfies its clients, use this link to visit the company’s website:

After learning from the arborist that his tree was decaying, Sam did not wait even for a day. He instructed the arborist to contact the company’s headquarters and request a tree removal team.

It was already too late by the time the arborist contacted the office to request a tree removal procedure for the family,” said Sam. “While the company has always responded on the same day, its team could not handle the tree removal procedure considering it was already 6 pm and the tree was not an immediate risk.”

The team arrived on the landscape the next morning ready to get rid of the tree. Working with modern machines, the team inspected the tree carefully to determine the weakest points—that is, the points that posed a significant risk to the surroundings. Then cutting either above or below these risky areas, the team of professionals went ahead and brought the tree down foot by foot.

Like always,” said Sam, “the company removed the tree stump and cleaned up after the tree removal. The company did all this at a very affordable price.”

Tree Service Pros Carmichael has its base of operation at 8037 Fair Oaks Blvd, Carmichael, CA 95608, United States. The company can be reached at +1 916-603-2238 and

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