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Halfchess: The chess that’s designed for the fast-paced generation

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Halfchess: The chess that’s designed for the fast-paced generation

November 24
09:24 2021

While many sports and physical activities were adversely affected due to the pandemic, online chess emerged as one of the biggest obsessions during the lockdown. Chess represents our everyday life through a battlefield in action, which has helped it survive even in the digital era where most people love endgames. The game itself is changing with the fast-paced digital world. Today, chess is younger, faster, adventurous, and more diverse. Fortunately, now the endgame fans have a game that never gets boring.

Halfchess is loved by endgame fans as it allows users to play chess faster on a smaller board without losing its appeal. Halfchess is an improvised version of chess played on half of the board with four columns, eight rows, and half pieces. The game cannot last more than 5 minutes, making every minute of decision crucial to winning. 

In the early years, young children have a vast capacity for learning and acquiring various skills. They can learn chess very early, but the key to teaching them is to teach in a child-centered way instead of conventional methods. Halfchess is the most dependable way to teach them chess as it comes with a Teacher mode. Parents can quickly teach children on the half board without overstraining them with the complexity of chess. 

The game has 150 stages and faster gameplay against AI. Moreover, it also has Blind mode, where the chess pieces disappear after three moves and are replaced by colored dots. A new user selects their chess proficiency level, and based on this declaration, Halfchess sets them off a particular stage and adjusts to their level of expertise over the next few games. An advanced user gets prompted to try the blind mode.

It is said that chess practice is a proactive factor and may offer protection against diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s. But Halfchess can be easily adapted by Alzheimer’s patients, and it can help them engage their brains. Moreover, Halfchess can strengthen their logical thinking and the ability to solve problems. Helfchess provides mental benefits that improve social and physical health amongst the elderly. 

Naval Saini, the Founder of Halfchess, has always been involved in the education of children who belong to underprivileged communities. He wanted to create an exciting and engaging game for everyone who wants to develop their minds. Therefore, he thought, a game like chess can help build confidence in children and the elderly. 

About Us:

Halfchess is a brand new version of chess with interesting features and is played on half of the board of chess with lesser characters.

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