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LOBIS App Giving Life Insurance Brokers the Tools to Scale Their Business

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LOBIS App Giving Life Insurance Brokers the Tools to Scale Their Business

July 24
01:52 2021
LOBIS App Giving Life Insurance Brokers the Tools to Scale Their Business

Recognizing the importance of life insurance is something everyone should do to give their dependents a secure future should anything happen. Given the technicalities involved, insurance carriers carry out thorough due diligence before approving applicants. Thus, because life insurance applications often come with a detailed process that many applicants find stressful. Life insurance agents and brokers have stepped in to make it a bit easier. However, most of the time, scalability is a major concern for these brokers. LOBIS application was created to solve this problem for insurance brokers and consequently improve approval rates for applicants.

LOBIS, tagged the world’s fastest quoting and qualifying tool for life insurance, is an application specifically designed for life insurance agents and brokers who want to scale their business. LOBIS features a proprietary technology that allows insurance brokers to go to an appointment with a customer and deliver quotes and provide them with multiple carriers they qualify for within seconds. LOBIS takes pride in the confidence that insurance brokers have in their services, and the ensuing satisfaction customers get after the service is delivered.

LOBIS helps insurance agents and brokers connect their customers with the best insurance carriers 99% likely to grant them approval on their application. The app does not only offer a swift quoting and qualifying life insurance tool, but it also promises an approval rate of 99%. From term life insurance carriers to whole life carriers, LOBIS provides quotes and qualifying placements and instantly informs agents that their application to a specific carrier will be approved.

LOBIS was founded and established by Percy Bland Jr. and motivated by the desire to help agents issue better and faster business and to satisfy more customers. LOBIS drives customer satisfaction and makes the life insurance application more seamless, faster, and with more guarantees. As the app continues to grow and gain traction in the life insurance world, Percy’s vision for LOBIS is to expand the app and incorporate its technology into more insurance marketing entities and organizations to help them with better placement rates for them and the carriers. 

LOBIS is available on theiOS App Store & Google Play Store, so insurance agents can deliver impeccable services to their customers on the go and take their business to the next level. “Many people need life insurance, but not all get approved. It’s the best form of security anyone can give their loved ones in case they pass away. I understood this early enough, and I set out to solve a problem that has plagued the insurance industry for years. With LOBIS, insurance agents and brokers can get more done, win over more clients, and deliver the much-needed insurance coverage to those clients,” Percy said.

LOBIS is projected to get thousands of agents on board while helping hundreds of thousands of applicants get approved with the best carriers. “Life insurance business no longer has to be a herculean task for neither brokers nor customers,” Percy noted.

Learn more about LOBIS on the official website or install the application from the iOS App Store or Goodle Play Store.

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