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The AR mode of Nintendo Switch attracts attention, the Good News for AR companies such as WIMI Hologram Cloud

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The AR mode of Nintendo Switch attracts attention, the Good News for AR companies such as WIMI Hologram Cloud

November 21
15:57 2020

Hong Kong – MobiusTrend releases a research report “The AR mode of Nintendo Switch attracts attention, the Good News for AR companies such as WIMI Hologram Cloud”. Nintendo entered the virtual reality (VR) field last year with its Labo: Switch virtual reality kit, which provides cardboard accessories to provide a VR experience for young gamers. Support VR mode for games such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Nintendo’s latest Labo suite is completely focused on VR and embodies the spirit of Labo. It is a temporary six-degree-of-freedom controller, which provides users with a creative VR solution.

When it comes to Nintendo and AR, it is easy to think of the AR game “Pokemon GO” developed by Niantic Labs. Most consumer-centric AR games are ported to mobile devices, so Nintendo is likely to choose a game from its IP content library to develop with AR technology. As for the combination of AR and Switch, this is a long-term attempt. AR needs a camera to watch the digital world that Nintendo Switch does not have. This will then require additional accessories or new models with at least one built-in camera. Numerous predictions indicate that after Microsoft and Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) launch their next game consoles, a more powerful Switch Pro may appear.

In April last year, Nintendo released the Nintendo Labo VR Kit, which is a VR-based extension to the existing Nintendo Labo platform. It allows users to access a large number of fascinating immersive mini-games and tools for building and sharing themselves.

A successful mobile game must also consider the meaning of its existence. When AR becomes popular in the consumer market, AR game companies should face up to the challenge and create meaningful interactive content for users.

Sociality and immersion are the two keys to building a successful AR game. AR can make the interaction between the real environment and virtual images more realistic, which is also the difference between it and VR. For example, because the background of an AR game is a real environment, playing AR basketball in different environments will have different feelings. Through the combination of image recognition (computer visual) technology and game content, AR can become a new way of socializing.

A data report “Unstoppable Rising Momentum: The Future of XR” released by market research company SuperData shows that by 2021, the revenue of AR/MR will reach $20.3 billion, surpassing the $19 billion of VR in one fell swoop. Meanwhile, the main reason for the growth will be achieving the combination of mobile phone applications and portable high-end devices such as Magic Leap and Microsoft HoloLens. AR/MR software revenue will reach $8.2 billion by then. In mobile AR software revenue, AR mobile games may account for the largest proportion. Nintendo’s obsession with AR games has also attracted the attention of related AR companies.

As the representative company of Hologram AR, WIMI was founded in 2015. After five years, it has grown into one of the leading Hologram cloud integrated technology solution providers in China. The company provides many one-stop services of Hologram AR technology such as Hologram visual AI synthesis and presentation, Hologram interactive software development, Hologram AR advertising, Hologram AR SDK payment, 5G Hologram communication software development, and Hologram face recognition.

The core of WIMI’s business is Hologram AR technology, which is used in software engineering, content production, as well as cloud and big data, to provide customers with AR-based Hologram services and products. Products mainly include Hologram AR advertising services and Hologram AR entertainment products. In the first quarter of 2019, about 80.3% of WIMI’s operating revenue came from Hologram AR advertising services, and 19.7% came from Hologram AR entertainment products.

Hologram AR advertising software enables users to insert real or animated three-dimensional (“3D”) objects into video clips and seamlessly integrate with scene clips. It is mainly used to embed Hologram AR ads into movies hosted by China’s leading online streaming platform and into the show.

Through WIMI’s proprietary image and video recognition technology, WIMI’s software enables users to analyze the underlying video clips at the pixel level to identify advertising space that can be enhanced by 3D objects. Advertisers and their agents purchase these advertising spaces through application programming interfaces or APIs integrated with WIMI’s system, specify their target audience and budget, and usually provide 3D models embedded in the video. When the advertising space is detected and a 3D object is generated, the 3D object will be automatically embedded in the basic stream video according to the batch processing determined by the WIMI software.

AR entertainment revenue includes software development kit (“SDK”) payment channel services, software development, game services, and technology development. When the user completes the payment of transaction through SDK payment, deducting the payment to the content provider, then it will generate related income for WIMI.

Hologram AR software and content products are software applications and content that are produced by using Hologram AR technology and used or played on Hologram AR display devices. The software and the content can be newly created or adapted from its two-dimensional copies, which have been popular in the past. These software and content use special Hologram AR technology, such as a camera equipped with 3D sensing and capable of capturing the 3D position of an object. These products of Hologram AR software and content are usually distributed through distribution platforms, which are either independent, such as Ali Hooyan, or embedded in the Hologram AR operating system. Currently, most developers are focusing on software and content related to games and entertainment. In addition, interests in education and utility-related software are also on the rise.

This new AR technology is now increasingly used in games. Some games and applications have begun to use AR technology, and the development of AR technology has also brought many breakthroughs in applications. The evolving AR technology may also change the future of the game industry. 3D user experience is obviously attractive for games and entertainment, but they can do more. Through the spread of games and face-filters, users are familiar with the Hologram experience, and this new interface will begin to dominate other suitable functions.

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