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Singapore’s WBF Exchange Helps Anda Chain + (BAB) Land in Global Digital Asset Trading Market

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Singapore’s WBF Exchange Helps Anda Chain + (BAB) Land in Global Digital Asset Trading Market

January 20
18:48 2020

The application of blockchain technology has extended to many fields such as digital finance, the Internet of Things, intelligent manufacturing, supply chain management, and digital asset trading. Applications are developing rapidly, but the innovation of the chain itself cannot keep up with the pace of application development. It is mainly limited by the thinking of the existing chain.

Anda Chain + has proposed a new chain network solution to meet the application needs of various aspects. It has carried out independent innovation in the system structure of the chain, consensus algorithm, expansion mechanism, and cross-chain mechanism, and established an open or registerable self-ecological group chain network. The Anda chain is the main chain, and the industry chain, alliance chain, and side chain are connected at different levels. Tokens are available in their own territories with permission, and are available in other territories with permission. It enables the chain to be connected across national borders and has no barriers to communication. The chain is subject to legal constraints at the place where it is located, which achieves the unification of high efficiency, high security and high availability.

Opportunity for Anda Chain + (BAB) to enter the blockchain industry. 

Because the existing block chain is not yet satisfactory.

ANDA + tries to make people satisfied!

In this age of various public chains, alliance chains and industry chains, we must understand the difference. Different chains are used in different commercial applications, but the situation where blockchain is also usable and difficult to use has not changed substantially.

In summary, to surpass the previous two generations, the new-generation blockchain needs to meet seven indicators: security, efficiency, application, intelligence, credibility, user experience, and scalability. This generates a “dark horse” Anda Chain +.

Anda + is an efficient, secure and scalable self-ecological chain network. Achieve secure, efficient transactions and intelligent processing, trusted computing, and large-scale applications. Anda Chain + uses 53 patents and IP of independent intellectual property rights as the fulcrum to form a system in which the main chain interacts with different heterogeneous chains, achieves the effective fusion of blockchain + AI + trusted computing, and realizes different chain composition chains The network, which realizes cross-chain within the chain network, has the characteristics of a new generation of blockchain.

Andachain + not only solves security and efficiency problems in large-scale applications, but integrates with artificial intelligence.

Among them, the consensus algorithm is the soul of the third-generation blockchain, and a good consensus algorithm should be both efficient and scalable. Our hierarchical grouping random consensus algorithm can effectively achieve this vision. Among them, the random generation and the selection of random numbers are the key and the key to improving efficiency and security. Anda + ChainNet, under the coordination of the main consensus algorithm, realizes the collaborative work of multiple autonomous consensus algorithms. 

Development vision

In the future, blockchain technology will play an important role in various industries such as the financial system and network security. It will improve and even subvert the traditional operating models in these fields, with great development potential. Andachain holds more than 50 patents and software copyrights, and has hundreds of intelligent nodes, which have a wide range of application scenarios.

The development vision of Andachain is to support all industries with a public chain, and to achieve safety, efficiency, ecological health, compliance, convenience and intelligence. This industry requires practitioners to work together to move steadily forward.

Relying on the application, Anda chain has supported the transactions and value of Anda+ from its ecological support under its 108 intelligent and trusted nodes in the industry. As the main road, the Anda chain connects the block chains of intelligent and trusted nodes to form a chain network. At present, it already includes government innovation and entrepreneurship  coupons( involving 14 provinces and cities), talent exchanges, urban intelligence and supply chain finance. It uses a large-scale application to guarantee the widespread use of the chain and the value of the token, which promotes the appreciation of the token. Conversely, the value of flow promotes the development and expansion of the blockchain of intelligent and trusted nodes, thereby promoting the formation and strengthening of the Andachain ecological network.

Prior to this, the development of the blockchain industry was slow, and it could not only meet the actual needs, but also self-restraint, and could not   reach evolution. Andachain takes innovation as its mission, and has achieved a comprehensive breakthrough, enabling date from various industries to be quickly chained and enjoying convenient digital ages services.

Team up with Singapore WBF Exchange to jointly create a chain reform and asset innovation miracle

With such technological advantages and ambitious vision, the development trend of the industry “dark horse” Anda chain has attracted much attention, and the choice of its capital market naturally attracted widespread attention. After full investigation and rigorous demonstration, Anda Chain finally chose to use the Singapore WBF Exchange as a partner to officially land in the digital asset trading market. This is a rational choice and a historical choice.

WBF Exchange, a subsidiary of WBF Group, is positions as a global digital asset financial services platform and was registered in the Asian Financial Heights Singapore in January 2019. The founding team is made up of senior FinTech people from New York, Singapore and China. In just one year, WBF focused on the “spot + mining pool + contract” development strategy and adhered to the bottom line. It has established a product camp focusing on “spot, contract, leverage and mortgage lending, and options trading. Under the premise, provide diversified digital asset financial services for global users. WBF adhering to the “use first” principle, iteratively develops and optimizes the underlying technology architecture to continuously improve the user experience. Data show that Singapore WBF is the world’s fastest growing exchange in 2019. It is planned to complete the set target of 18 million registered users by the end of this year. The unique “money ringing” mechanism and the “moat” built by a safe, stable and efficient trading system have made it the best choice for global block chain projects to enter the capital market.

I believe that with the help of the Singapore WBF Exchange, Anda Chain will definitely reach the peak of the glory of digital assets, realize the grand vision of technology, and create a miracle of chain reform and asset innovation.

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