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UPOS leads the global blockchain summit held in Dubai

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UPOS leads the global blockchain summit held in Dubai

November 11
22:45 2019

Dubai, UAE – On the afternoon of October 25, the UPOS Leading Global Blockchain Summit Forum, sponsored by Newton’s Law, was solemnly held in Dubai.

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The forum was attended by the official representatives of UPOS Newton Exchange, the distinguished professor of Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the early angel investors of blockchain, the CEO of Global Decentralized Finance Company, the co-founder of Bitjiu, the first person to build blockchain community, and many outstanding investors and financial experts of blockchain. We gathered to discuss the future development direction of Newton’s law and the market prospects of blockchain.

At the VIP admission ceremony, the official representatives of Newton Exchange, block chain technology company angel investor Calvin, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Graduate Student Special Professor, block chain joint development organization consultant Wang Binsheng, Rio Defi Global Decentralized Finance Chief CEO James, block chain community to create the first person, equity investment expert Mark, Tiantian tremble founder Chen Caigen, VZ international community founder third brother, Bitjiu co-founder jobs, block chain evangelist representative Jinbao, Xiao an and other outstanding UPOS partner representatives were invited to appear one after another.

After a visual feast of light shows and exotic dance performances by Arab girls, Calvin, as the official representative of Newton Exchange, took the lead in delivering a welcome speech on the stage, first of all, he expressed his sincere welcome to all the guests and friends who attended the meeting, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to his colleagues who have been supporting the construction and development of Newton Exchange for a long time.

Calvin said that in the past two months since the establishment of Newton Platform, more than 500000 registered users, more than 80000 active users per day and more than 30 billion transactions per 24 hours have ranked first in the world. These achievements can not be separated from the active cooperation of technology, operation team and all UPOS partners, which has also been unanimously recognized by the node capital and pulse capital of well-known investment institutions in the industry.

At present, is in the Newton platform breakthrough development critical moment, in the super ecology plan, Newton expends the huge amount of money to upgrade the system, in raises the coin ten times to accelerate, NT super ecology makes, NT unblocks the transaction area research and development, locks the warehouse coin interior to transfer the contract to replace, matches the system super optimization and so on 16 plates to carry on the tense comprehensive promotion!

After Calvin’s impassioned speech, Wang Binsheng, consultant of the blockchain joint development organization and specially appointed professor of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, took the issue of Libra as the breakthrough point, popularized the relationship and differences between blockchain, artificial intelligence and the Internet of things, and made a series of insightful prospects for the future. he pointed out that the issue of Libra by Facebook was the first primrose bird, and once issued, it would have epoch-making significance and make a great contribution.

Libra will also essentially challenge the Federal Reserve’s right to issue currency and the dollar’s world hegemony. Pandora’s box is about to open, and other Internet giants will not stand idly by, this series of chain reactions will open the channels of mainstream currencies such as legal tender and Bitcoin, which will stimulate the rise of Bitcoin in the long run, and Newton Exchange and many supporters of UPOS will also benefit.

Subsequently, UPOS partner Jinbao came to the stage to explain the UPOS mechanism and partnership plan. as the evangelist of the block chain, he knew that the pain point of the current market lies in the relationship between the exchange, the project side and the investors in the market, which leads to the bad influence such as the collapse of the mainstream currency, and the UPOS mechanism can completely solve these problems.

In the UPOS mechanism, the consensus of mechanism will replace the consensus of human nature, never break users, everyone is a market maker; the project side can not cut leeks, do not need to protect the plate can be at ease to do ecological; for the exchange, there is flow, trading volume, depth; tripartite joint efforts, mutual development, will make the market to an unprecedented benign ecology.

The historic opportunity of block chain has attracted the attention of many outstanding overseas entrepreneurs, such as James, CEO of Rio DeFi Global Decentralized Finance Company, who elaborated on the development process of Bitcoin from an overseas perspective, saying that Rio DeFi is a decentralized financial service platform, using block chain technology and smart contracts to bridge traditional finance and encrypted currency finance.In the future, Rio DeFi will cooperate with mainstream German banks to issue exclusive debit cards for Bitcoin deposit and loan business, and become the guide of future technology finance.

After a burst of warm applause, UPOS partner Xiaoan came on stage to bring you the wonderful performance of “Newton’s song”, the home screen constantly emerged the wonderful moments of the UPOS Dubai study tour, the audience also cheered and swung with the music, cheering for Newton’s tomorrow.

After the pleasant tea break and belly dance, the exciting moment came. Under the eyes of nearly 1000 people, Calvin, Wang Binsheng, JAMES, San Ge, Mark and Jinbao jointly launched the UPOS Global Blockchain Summit and NT (Toffee) Global Launch Ceremony, and the audience applauded thunderously, witnessing the Newton Exchange entering a new era.

In his keynote speech, Mark, the first person to build a blockchain community, explained the value of the blockchain community in a simple way. Mark pointed out that the community is a subversion of the traditional business logic, and the company system will be replaced by the community and TOKEN mechanism. Because the community is born for the blockchain, the blockchain community is highly dependent and sticky, and can obtain considerable benefits in a short time. Combining the advantages of networking, investment opportunities, forward-looking information and airdrop benefits, the future era of community is coming.

It is understood that at the summit site by the well-known block chain from the media presided over by Chen Caigen, Wang Binsheng, Calvin, James, mark and Jin Bao several block chain evangelists, jointly discussed the Newton UPOS trading mechanism and the future of the exchange of innovation and development.

After a heated discussion, Sange took the stage again in anticipation and warm applause, explaining in detail the Newton Exchange NT (butterscotch) super ecology, reviewing Newton’s history, analyzing the latest upgrade announcement, and introducing the NT unblocking trade to the Super League ecology.

The UPOS partners present all believe that Newton’s law will lead the ecological construction of the block chain industry, with NT Toffee as the cornerstone, to create a sustainable future in which the holders jointly defend the steady increase in value.

The small partners of VZ International Community brought sign language dance to you and expressed the firm community consensus and confidence of VZ people with “Don’t Give Up”.

Finally, Calvin, the official representative of Newton Exchange, announced that the annual summit of Newton 5000 people was about to begin, and the audience once again burst into thunderous applause.

The success of the UPOS Dubai Summit shows that Newton Exchange has never forgotten its original intention, so that investors, exchanges and project parties attract each other’s lofty ideals, cooperation resonance, mutual benefit and win-win, and truly create a more secure, stable and just market environment for the industry and community.

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