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God I Am So Angry With You is Chepren Carter’s debut publication

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God I Am So Angry With You is Chepren Carter’s debut publication

November 05
01:45 2019
God I Am So Angry With You is Chepren Carter\'s debut publication
A story of a fight through the pain to a position of forgiveness and grace.

The author asks the reader if they have ever wanted to ask, “Why Me God?” but found that their question was met with remonstrations of never questioning the deity. Chepren Carter found herself right in this very position, of feeling so hurt that she doubted whether life really mattered any more. And then with the pain becoming unbearable, she found herself unable to move forward. The wedge which had been driven between herself and God had become a chasm. The question of “why does God allow suffering?” repeatedly rose to the surface of Carter’s thoughts.

But life hadn’t always been that way, as Chepren describes how she met Craig, her husband, to be. How he had been such an easy person to talk to, and someone who always gave out great advice. She describes him as an articulate man, someone who could always get what he wanted. And although things were a little shaky in the beginning, she was comfortable in the relationship as it progressed.

However, as time progressed, Chepren came to the realization that the marriage was but an illusion. A scene of happiness being played to the outside world. But the situation took a dark turn as the relationship turned abusive. Then she struggled to understand why an all-powerful God would allow this to happen. She had believed that she was a good, though not perfect, person who had lived her faith. Then, while grappling with her anger towards her husband, she felt an associated rage against God.

This inspirational story describes how Carter, armed with the power of forgiveness and grace, rose victoriously. Russ Womack, the author of Orange, describes God I Am So Angry With You as a brilliantly written novel which takes the reader’s hand and graciously walks through each step of her season, promising never to let go, just as God never let go of her.’ He goes on to describe the publication as a masterfully written book which is relatable in its honesty, graceful in its story, and exudes a pure love that points not to our circumstances, but rather to the One who loves us more than we know.

Carter’s story is one that resonates with its readers. Reviews praise the transparency and relatability of the writing with a palatable eagerness for more from this new author. Readers’ comments include:

“After reading this book, I feel as if a weight has been lifted.”

“If you’re seeking healing and advice, I truly recommend that you get your copy while they last.”

“The same anger, the same hurt, all of the emotions of revenge, seemed like she was speaking for me.”

Chepren Carter is a working mother of eight from New York. She credits those children-and her desire to protect them, with giving her a reason to live after the trauma she faced. God I Am So Angry With You is an independently published book that is available on Amazon, Kindle, Barnes and Noble and Nook.

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